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Ordos Weather

ordos grassland tourist areaOrdos has a temperate climate.

The city of Ordos has a typical temperate continental climate. There are distinct four seasons and the sunshine is very intense and strong. There is little rains throughout the year and in spring sandstorms occur frequently. The average annual temperature is 7 degrees centigrade, and in July the average monthly temperature is 23 degrees. Most rain falls in July, August and September.

The annual Mongolian Nadam Fair held in August on the Ordos Prairie. The different activities held to worship the great Mongolian hero, Genghis Khan, on March 21st, May 15th, August 12th, and October 3rd in front of the Genghis Khan Tomb, are traditional Mongolian folk culture activities, which should not be missed by tourists. It is the best opportunity for visitors to learn about the unique sacrificial culture, singing culture, dancing culture, and costume culture of the descendants of Genghis Khan.