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Are you an Independent Travel Agency Looking for a Reliable, Honest Partner in China?

Does your company face any of these problems?

Customers demands are becoming increasingly diverse.

Customers prefer to travel independently instead of joining groups.

Customers ask for different destinations, hotels or meals than those that appear in the brochures.

Customers skip from agency to agency or book with the Chinese tour operators via the internet.

You lose clients because you don't have time to provide tailor-made/dynamic travel services.

Your current agent does not perform.


Why Not Make China Highlights "Your China Branch Office "

There are 2 ways that we can assist you and your customers. Use either or both to maximize the benefits to you.

  1. China Highlights will provide all China land content at net prices to your agency so that you can sell in your market. Lets face it, you know your own market. We act as a supplier and booking office in China for you and offer you net price of all travel products in China. You market and sell the products and make your own decisions about profit or service charges.
  2. You market our products only by referring clients to us by either website click through or E-mail referrals. We will be responsible for client contact for tour arrangements, bookings and payments. We will pay you on commission bases and take all the work and worry away from you. We will save you time and money!

Click here to complete our inquiry form. Our sales rep will reply within one business day.


Why should China Highlights work directly with your Client?

China Highlights has recently launched a new program aimed at Travel Agency Partners to enable us to deal with customers who demand tailor-made services. We become "Your China Branch Office Representatives".

We recognize the problems that you face so we have developed the "Your China Branch Office" program as a solution for both of us to meet the needs of these "High-demanding customers".


How Does China highlights Work Directly With Your Clients?

China Highlights offer you:

Free Web Page Support and Web Page Design: We will design a web page for your company website with related China Travel information and products.

Free Updates: We will keep all the travel information and prices on your web page updated so it will remain current at all times.

Free China Branch Office Representatives: We will assign our travel advisors to act as your China Branch Office Representatives. They will answer questions; customize existing packages or design new packages. They will do the whole process on your behalf.

Your Back Room: All customer accounts, booking and commission information will be held in a data base in Your Back Room. This information will be available to you at all times.


What Are The Benefits for Your Company?

English speaking professional Chinese travel consultants will deal with you and your customers, providing the best and most up to date information and prices.

We will provide a local contact in China to provide back-up in an emergency or just a familiar voice at the end of a phone while traveling in China.

We save your company worry, time, money and staff.

China is one of the fastest growing tourism markets in the world. Get in front of the wave NOW! We invite you to discuss how we can cooperate to take advantage of the opportunities that exist.