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Our Cultural Exchange Products are designed to instill the humanitarian values that encourage a lifetime of service / activity. Through a variety of service learning programs, we work closely with you to design an experience that will be the best fit for your group. Whether it’s a week-long immersion staying with a local famliy or a few days of project work to introduce your group members to the idea of service learning -- our programs give you the opportunity to meet the real life in China.


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Volkswagen Factory Visit Volkswagen Factory Visit
About 90 Minutes
Shanghai Volkswagen Factory

Founded in 1984, Shanghai Volkswagen is one of China's leading automobile manufacturing companies. The Shanghai Volkswagen tour is very entertaining for people who want to know more about the birth and growth of China’s vehicle industry. The visit usually lasts about 90 minutes. Visitors can also take a look at more than 70 car models, representing vehicles-build manufacturing history in Shanghai Auto Museum nearby.

Tai Chi Experience Taichi Learning
Around 2 Hours' Experience
The Temple of Heaven, Beijing

Commissioned in 1420 by the great Yongle Emperor of the Ming Dynasty, the Altar of Heaven is one of the best ancient Chinese structures existing today.
The Altar of Heaven is also regarded as a Taoist temple. It’s a very suitable place for learning 2 hours of initial tai chi. Now the park containing this amazing Altar connects China's long royal history with civilian health through the Taoist belief in chi.

Panda Volunteer Program Panda Volunteer Program
Half Day / Full Day
Bifengxia Panda Center, Chengdu

This program offers a special experience involving close contact with giant pandas. During the program, you will help to feed the pandas with fresh bamboo, apples, carrots, and special-recipe cakes; clean the enclosure; clean their bamboo, and hose the pandas (in summer) from outside the enclosure. Each participants will be issued a certificate to acknowledge his/her voluntary service after the program is completed.

Grow Vegetables and Build a House with local people Local activity - Local Service Program in countryside
Half Day to Four Days
Guilin Region

Get closer to local people in Yangshuo, and experience growing vegetables and building a simple house the local way. Chat with the locals (with an interpreter) to get more information about their daily life. It is an interesting way to experience the cultural differences between China and your country.

Harvest Rice Local activity - Rice Harvest
Half Day
Yangshuo Countryside, Guilin

A good way to get close to, and really experience, country life in Yangshuo is working in the fields. Us ing only simple tools, and plenty of physical exertion, learn how to work in the rice fields with local people. You will get to know the reality of traditional village life. The activity is available in October’s harvest period.

Educational/Cross-Cultural Program Culture activity - Class teaching
3 to 7 Days
Local School in Guangxi

This 3- to-7-day program takes participants into the heart of Guangxi Autonomous Region. It is a tour with a difference, and an adventure away from city life. Participants teach English in Chinese classrooms and share a truly cross-cultur al rural experience. The home stay provides a unique chance to meet minority peoples and discover their lifestyle and culture. There is even a chance to experience a Chinese wedding in the countryside

Activity to Learn Chinese Traditional Handicrafts and Play Basketball Culture activity - Chinese knot making
Half Day / Full Day
Gaobeidian Village, Beijing

These activities will be done in Gaobeidian Village in Beijing. You will learn traditional Chinese handicrafts, such as making Chinese knots, clay figures, and colorful decorations. A lecture about Chinese culture and history will be presented . There  is also the fun opportunity to have a basketball competition with local residents/students.

Attending Class with Chinese Students Culture activity - class with chinese students
Half Day to 2 Weeks
Schools in Beijing

An insightful activity for culture exchange is having class together with Chinese students. You will have the opportunity to communicate with Chinese students and participate in class activities to find out how Chinese education works. You may also have the opportunity to share how education methods in your country differ.

Learn How to Make Oil TeaCulture activity - local oil tea making with minority family
Around 2 Hours
Longsheng Terraced Fields, Guilin

Oil tea (油茶 yóuchá /yoh-chaa/) is a snack (or a breakfast) of minority origin, particularly of the Yao. There is a special tea leaf used for oil tea, which is pounded with an “oil tea hammer” in an oiled wok. Then you mix in peanuts, fried rice, chopped green onions, or any number of various other ingredients .
You will visit a local family in the terraced field area of Longji and learn how to make oil tea. Tasting this special snack and interacting with local people will surely give you a special experience!

Experience Shanghainese Life local activity - nongtang Family visit
Half Day / Full Day

Take a visit to a Shanghai longtang, immerse yourself in the culture and experience the life of the Shanghai nese. Chat with a local family and learn to speak the local dialect. Our guide will accompany you to visit a local food market, buy ingredients, and prepare lunch with your host. It is an experience our clients never forget.

Attend a Chinese Culture Presentation Culture activity - Chinese Culture Lession
About 45 Mintues
Tang Bo Art Museum, Xi’an

Xi'an is one of the China's Four Great Ancient Capitals. The city is known as a ‘ naturally-occurring history museum’, due to its cultural and historical significance. Take a visit to Tang Bo Art Museum and enjoy the artifacts and treasures on display, the collection of Shaanxi folk arts, and ancient paintings. We have arranged a Chinese culture lecture specially designed for your students. They will also have a chance to learn to write Chinese characters with a Chinese brush.

An ‘Air Volleyball’ Game with StudentsLocal activity - Sport Match with Chinese students
About 1 Hour

‘Air volleyball’ was introduced when common volleyball skills were added to the curriculum in 1905. It is quite a popular sport among Chinese of various ages, as it is a comparatively safe sport (using a lighter ball than standard volleyball), but still requires technique and team work. Many schools and companies hold such competitions every year. We can arrange a competition for your students with local students when visiting Guilin. It is a good way to build teamwork skills and interact with local people.



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