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Qingdao Weather in April


April welcomes the spring and it's a mild month, but temperature differences during the day and night are significant. Storms are not uncommon this month.

A pullover lined with a raincoat is suitable. Bring a thick coat if you go to the seaside or outside in the early morning and evening .

The Qingdao Cherry Blossom Festival is held this month at Zhongshan Park, where you can appreciate excellent performances, take part in various activities, and enjoy the beautiful cherry flowers and scenery. This month marks the beginning of the busy tourism season, so book your hotels in advance. See our Qingdao Tours.

Qingdao Average Daily Temperatures Based on Historical Data

DateAverage HighAverage Low
April   153 °F11.67 °C41 °F5 °C
April   253 °F11.67 °C41 °F5 °C
April   353 °F11.67 °C41 °F5 °C
April   454 °F12.22 °C41 °F5 °C
April   554 °F12.22 °C42 °F5.56 °C
April   654 °F12.22 °C42 °F5.56 °C
April   755 °F12.78 °C42 °F5.56 °C
April   855 °F12.78 °C43 °F6.11 °C
April   955 °F12.78 °C43 °F6.11 °C
April   1056 °F13.33 °C43 °F6.11 °C
April   1156 °F13.33 °C44 °F6.67 °C
April   1256 °F13.33 °C44 °F6.67 °C
April   1357 °F13.89 °C44 °F6.67 °C
April   1457 °F13.89 °C45 °F7.22 °C
April   1557 °F13.89 °C45 °F7.22 °C
April   1658 °F14.44 °C45 °F7.22 °C
April   1758 °F14.44 °C46 °F7.78 °C
April   1858 °F14.44 °C46 °F7.78 °C
April   1959 °F15 °C46 °F7.78 °C
April   2059 °F15 °C47 °F8.33 °C
April   2160 °F15.56 °C47 °F8.33 °C
April   2260 °F15.56 °C47 °F8.33 °C
April   2360 °F15.56 °C48 °F8.89 °C
April   2461 °F16.11 °C48 °F8.89 °C
April   2561 °F16.11 °C48 °F8.89 °C
April   2661 °F16.11 °C49 °F9.44 °C
April   2762 °F16.67 °C49 °F9.44 °C
April   2862 °F16.67 °C49 °F9.44 °C
April   2962 °F16.67 °C50 °F10 °C
April   3063 °F17.22 °C50 °F10 °C

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