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Qingdao Weather in August


Precipitation is high in August, and visitors may experience a storm or two during the month. Escaping the hot summer in Qingdao and enjoying the coolness of the sea breeze is a great idea.

Bring a T-shit and shorts for a fine day, as well as a set of long-sleeve clothing and trousers for rainy days. Sunscreen is also required, and bring an umbrella to stay dry when it rains.

In the middle of this month, the famous Qingdao International Beer Festival is held in Zhongshan Park, and this is the largest beer festival in Asia. During the festival, enjoy the famous Qingdao Beer and excellent shows, including famous performances from Hong Kong and Taiwan and other foreign countries. The city is very crowded this month, so be sure to book your hotel room and train or plane tickets in advance. See our Qingdao Tours.

Qingdao Average Daily Temperatures Based on Historical Data

DateAverage HighAverage Low
August   182 °F27.78 °C73 °F22.78 °C
August   282 °F27.78 °C73 °F22.78 °C
August   382 °F27.78 °C73 °F22.78 °C
August   482 °F27.78 °C73 °F22.78 °C
August   582 °F27.78 °C73 °F22.78 °C
August   683 °F28.33 °C73 °F22.78 °C
August   783 °F28.33 °C73 °F22.78 °C
August   883 °F28.33 °C73 °F22.78 °C
August   983 °F28.33 °C73 °F22.78 °C
August   1083 °F28.33 °C73 °F22.78 °C
August   1183 °F28.33 °C73 °F22.78 °C
August   1283 °F28.33 °C73 °F22.78 °C
August   1383 °F28.33 °C73 °F22.78 °C
August   1483 °F28.33 °C73 °F22.78 °C
August   1582 °F27.78 °C73 °F22.78 °C
August   1682 °F27.78 °C73 °F22.78 °C
August   1782 °F27.78 °C73 °F22.78 °C
August   1882 °F27.78 °C73 °F22.78 °C
August   1982 °F27.78 °C72 °F22.22 °C
August   2082 °F27.78 °C72 °F22.22 °C
August   2182 °F27.78 °C72 °F22.22 °C
August   2282 °F27.78 °C72 °F22.22 °C
August   2382 °F27.78 °C72 °F22.22 °C
August   2481 °F27.22 °C71 °F21.67 °C
August   2581 °F27.22 °C71 °F21.67 °C
August   2681 °F27.22 °C71 °F21.67 °C
August   2781 °F27.22 °C71 °F21.67 °C
August   2881 °F27.22 °C70 °F21.11 °C
August   2981 °F27.22 °C70 °F21.11 °C
August   3080 °F26.67 °C70 °F21.11 °C
August   3180 °F26.67 °C70 °F21.11 °C

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