Qingdao Weather in December

December is a freezing month, with temperatures between – 4 °C (24.8°F ) and 8°C (46.4 °F). Heating is offered 24 hours a day, so you'll be warm indoors but cold outdoors . The snow falls a little this month.

A set of thermal underwear is enough for indoors, but wear a sweater with a down jacket for the outdoors. A scarf and gloves are also recommended .

Since it is the end of the year, people will be busy preparing for the Spring Festival, and many activities are held to celebrate the coming New Year. Moreover, Christmas is also very popular in Qingdao and you can enjoy images of Santa and Christmas trees in shops. Also enjoy the beautiful snow. Hotel room prices and train/plane fares are affordable this month. See our Qingdao Tours.

Qingdao Average Daily Temperatures Based on Historical Data

DateAverage High Average Low
December   147 °F8.33 °C36 °F2.22 °C
December   247 °F8.33 °C35 °F1.67 °C
December   346 °F7.78 °C35 °F1.67 °C
December   446 °F7.78 °C35 °F1.67 °C
December   545 °F7.22 °C34 °F1.11 °C
December   645 °F7.22 °C34 °F1.11 °C
December   744 °F6.67 °C33 °F0.56 °C
December   844 °F6.67 °C33 °F0.56 °C
December   944 °F6.67 °C33 °F0.56 °C
December   1043 °F6.11 °C32 °F0 °C
December   1143 °F6.11 °C32 °F0 °C
December   1242 °F5.56 °C31 °F-0.56 °C
December   1342 °F5.56 °C31 °F-0.56 °C
December   1442 °F5.56 °C31 °F-0.56 °C
December   1541 °F5 °C30 °F-1.11 °C
December   1641 °F5 °C30 °F-1.11 °C
December   1740 °F4.44 °C29 °F-1.67 °C
December   1840 °F4.44 °C29 °F-1.67 °C
December   1939 °F3.89 °C29 °F-1.67 °C
December   2039 °F3.89 °C28 °F-2.22 °C
December   2139 °F3.89 °C28 °F-2.22 °C
December   2238 °F3.33 °C27 °F-2.78 °C
December   2338 °F3.33 °C27 °F-2.78 °C
December   2437 °F2.78 °C27 °F-2.78 °C
December   2537 °F2.78 °C26 °F-3.33 °C
December   2636 °F2.22 °C26 °F-3.33 °C
December   2736 °F2.22 °C25 °F-3.89 °C
December   2836 °F2.22 °C25 °F-3.89 °C
December   2935 °F1.67 °C25 °F-3.89 °C
December   3035 °F1.67 °C24 °F-4.44 °C
December   3135 °F1.67 °C24 °F-4.44 °C

Qingdao Climate Information by Month

Questions and Answers About Qingdao Weather in December

Cher 2012-11-29
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Does it snow in Qingdao in December? Am looking for somewhere in China to bring children to see snow. But looking for somewhere which is not too cold or at least have the option of visiting indoor attractions when they cannot take the cold weather.

Hi Cher, yes, it snows in Qingdao during December. The temperature is  between -4 °C (24.8°F ) and 8°C (46.4 °F). Besides Qingdao, Beijing is also a good place for snow and indoor attractions such as the Forbidden City.

Whitney Liao replied on 2012-11-29
kamran Zia 2010-11-26
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Hi , Plzz told me when the snow falling was start in qingdao .?
As what we can serach on internet, the first snow in Qingdao fell on October 10th. I am not sure whether it is what you really want to know. Should you have any other question or want any travel arrangments, please feel free to contact us again. JeanFu replied on 2010-11-27
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