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Qingdao Weather in February

February is still cold and the temperature can reach below zero. Sometimes, it will snow heavily and the month experiences higher humidity than January.

Down clothing , woolen trousers, and cotton-padded shoes are indispensable. There are heaters indoors, so a sweater will do when you are inside .

The Chinese Lunar New Year Festival and the Festival of Lanterns may happen this month, so the city is quite busy. Enjoy the Chinese traditions and various festival activities. The Festival o f Lanterns has another name in Qingdao, and is known as the Carrot Meeting of Qingdao . During this time, many people take part in a carrot sculpture competition. You can also appreciate the numerous handicrafts on display. Booking a hotel room and other tickets is easy because February does not fall during the busy travel season. See our Qingdao Tours.

Qingdao Average Daily Temperatures Based on Historical Data

DateAverage HighAverage Low
February   136 °F2.22 °C25 °F-3.89 °C
February   236 °F2.22 °C25 °F-3.89 °C
February   336 °F2.22 °C25 °F-3.89 °C
February   437 °F2.78 °C25 °F-3.89 °C
February   537 °F2.78 °C25 °F-3.89 °C
February   637 °F2.78 °C26 °F-3.33 °C
February   737 °F2.78 °C26 °F-3.33 °C
February   837 °F2.78 °C26 °F-3.33 °C
February   937 °F2.78 °C26 °F-3.33 °C
February   1037 °F2.78 °C26 °F-3.33 °C
February   1138 °F3.33 °C26 °F-3.33 °C
February   1238 °F3.33 °C26 °F-3.33 °C
February   1338 °F3.33 °C27 °F-2.78 °C
February   1438 °F3.33 °C27 °F-2.78 °C
February   1538 °F3.33 °C27 °F-2.78 °C
February   1639 °F3.89 °C27 °F-2.78 °C
February   1739 °F3.89 °C27 °F-2.78 °C
February   1839 °F3.89 °C28 °F-2.22 °C
February   1939 °F3.89 °C28 °F-2.22 °C
February   2040 °F4.44 °C28 °F-2.22 °C
February   2140 °F4.44 °C28 °F-2.22 °C
February   2240 °F4.44 °C29 °F-1.67 °C
February   2340 °F4.44 °C29 °F-1.67 °C
February   2441 °F5 °C29 °F-1.67 °C
February   2541 °F5 °C29 °F-1.67 °C
February   2641 °F5 °C30 °F-1.11 °C
February   2742 °F5.56 °C30 °F-1.11 °C
February   2842 °F5.56 °C30 °F-1.11 °C
February   2942 °F5.56 °C31 °F-0.56 °C

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