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Qingdao Weather in January

qingdao haibian

January is the coldest month of the year, but as a coastal city, Qingdao enjoys relatively milder weather than other cities at the same latitude. Average precipitation is low, at 29.1 mm, and the sun shines for a shorter duration than other months.

Wear down clothes lined with a thick sweater and woolen or cotton trousers. Since it is dry, drink warm water to guarantee that you get an adequate amount of water . Gloves and a hat are also useful.

As January marks the beginning of the New Year, excellent shows are put on in celebration . You can also go to parks or to the seaside to appreciate the beautiful snow . Please notice that the wind is strong by the shore, so wear a wind breaker to stay warm. Since January does not fall during peak tourism season, enjoy the attractions peacefully. See our Qingdao Tours.

Qingdao Average Daily Temperatures Based on Historical Data

DateAverage HighAverage Low
January   138 °F3.33 °C27 °F-2.78 °C
January   238 °F3.33 °C27 °F-2.78 °C
January   338 °F3.33 °C26 °F-3.33 °C
January   438 °F3.33 °C26 °F-3.33 °C
January   537 °F2.78 °C26 °F-3.33 °C
January   637 °F2.78 °C26 °F-3.33 °C
January   737 °F2.78 °C26 °F-3.33 °C
January   837 °F2.78 °C26 °F-3.33 °C
January   937 °F2.78 °C26 °F-3.33 °C
January   1037 °F2.78 °C25 °F-3.89 °C
January   1137 °F2.78 °C25 °F-3.89 °C
January   1236 °F2.22 °C25 °F-3.89 °C
January   1336 °F2.22 °C25 °F-3.89 °C
January   1436 °F2.22 °C25 °F-3.89 °C
January   1536 °F2.22 °C25 °F-3.89 °C
January   1636 °F2.22 °C25 °F-3.89 °C
January   1736 °F2.22 °C25 °F-3.89 °C
January   1836 °F2.22 °C25 °F-3.89 °C
January   1936 °F2.22 °C25 °F-3.89 °C
January   2036 °F2.22 °C25 °F-3.89 °C
January   2136 °F2.22 °C25 °F-3.89 °C
January   2236 °F2.22 °C25 °F-3.89 °C
January   2336 °F2.22 °C25 °F-3.89 °C
January   2436 °F2.22 °C25 °F-3.89 °C
January   2536 °F2.22 °C25 °F-3.89 °C
January   2636 °F2.22 °C25 °F-3.89 °C
January   2736 °F2.22 °C25 °F-3.89 °C
January   2836 °F2.22 °C25 °F-3.89 °C
January   2936 °F2.22 °C25 °F-3.89 °C
January   3036 °F2.22 °C25 °F-3.89 °C
January   3136 °F2.22 °C25 °F-3.89 °C

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