Qingdao Weather in July

July is the hottest month of the whole year. The highest temperature reaches 39 °C (102.2 °F ). It is also rainy season, with an average precipitation of 200 mm.

Wearing a beautiful dress or a T-shirt and shorts is appropriate, and remember your sunscreen. Sunscreen, sunglasses, and an umbrella are also necessities. Wearing slippers is fine for walking around, but bring your sneakers to climb the mountains.

There is a famous festival called the Chinese Qingdao Marine Festival. It is held in July in Zhongshan Park, and brings with it many exhibitions of marine sources, sea products, and marine technical industries. Go to the seaside to walk in the waves, and enjoy some seafood and beer. Qingdao is the perfect place for escaping the hot weather. Be sure to book your hotel room in advance. See our Qingdao Tours.

Qingdao Average Daily Temperatures Based on Historical Data

DateAverage High Average Low
July   177 °F25 °C68 °F20 °C
July   277 °F25 °C68 °F20 °C
July   377 °F25 °C68 °F20 °C
July   477 °F25 °C68 °F20 °C
July   578 °F25.56 °C69 °F20.56 °C
July   678 °F25.56 °C69 °F20.56 °C
July   778 °F25.56 °C69 °F20.56 °C
July   878 °F25.56 °C69 °F20.56 °C
July   978 °F25.56 °C70 °F21.11 °C
July   1079 °F26.11 °C70 °F21.11 °C
July   1179 °F26.11 °C70 °F21.11 °C
July   1279 °F26.11 °C70 °F21.11 °C
July   1379 °F26.11 °C71 °F21.67 °C
July   1479 °F26.11 °C71 °F21.67 °C
July   1580 °F26.67 °C71 °F21.67 °C
July   1680 °F26.67 °C71 °F21.67 °C
July   1780 °F26.67 °C71 °F21.67 °C
July   1880 °F26.67 °C72 °F22.22 °C
July   1980 °F26.67 °C72 °F22.22 °C
July   2081 °F27.22 °C72 °F22.22 °C
July   2181 °F27.22 °C72 °F22.22 °C
July   2281 °F27.22 °C72 °F22.22 °C
July   2381 °F27.22 °C72 °F22.22 °C
July   2481 °F27.22 °C73 °F22.78 °C
July   2581 °F27.22 °C73 °F22.78 °C
July   2681 °F27.22 °C73 °F22.78 °C
July   2782 °F27.78 °C73 °F22.78 °C
July   2882 °F27.78 °C73 °F22.78 °C
July   2982 °F27.78 °C73 °F22.78 °C
July   3082 °F27.78 °C73 °F22.78 °C
July   3182 °F27.78 °C73 °F22.78 °C

Qingdao Climate Information by Month

Questions and Answers About Qingdao Weather in July

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