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Qingdao Weather in March


In March, the weather gets warmer, but the wind remains strong . The days are mostly sunny, and precipitation is minimal.

You can wear unlined clothing like a shirt or a knitted blouse with a rain coat. Bringing a thick overcoat is better. Please note that you should carry warm water with you so that you drink enough water during the dry season.

Not many people travel to Qingdao during March, so you won't encounter many crowds while you're at the seaside watching the sunrise and sunset, when visiting other beautiful scenic attractions, and when tasting the special local snacks. What’s more, hotel room prices are relatively low. Traveling in Qingdao during this time is surely worthwhile and affordable. See our Qingdao Tours.

Qingdao Average Daily Temperatures Based on Historical Data

DateAverage HighAverage Low
March   143 °F6.11 °C31 °F-0.56 °C
March   243 °F6.11 °C31 °F-0.56 °C
March   343 °F6.11 °C31 °F-0.56 °C
March   443 °F6.11 °C32 °F0 °C
March   544 °F6.67 °C32 °F0 °C
March   644 °F6.67 °C32 °F0 °C
March   744 °F6.67 °C33 °F0.56 °C
March   845 °F7.22 °C33 °F0.56 °C
March   945 °F7.22 °C33 °F0.56 °C
March   1046 °F7.78 °C34 °F1.11 °C
March   1146 °F7.78 °C34 °F1.11 °C
March   1246 °F7.78 °C34 °F1.11 °C
March   1347 °F8.33 °C35 °F1.67 °C
March   1447 °F8.33 °C35 °F1.67 °C
March   1547 °F8.33 °C35 °F1.67 °C
March   1648 °F8.89 °C35 °F1.67 °C
March   1748 °F8.89 °C36 °F2.22 °C
March   1848 °F8.89 °C36 °F2.22 °C
March   1949 °F9.44 °C36 °F2.22 °C
March   2049 °F9.44 °C37 °F2.78 °C
March   2149 °F9.44 °C37 °F2.78 °C
March   2250 °F10 °C37 °F2.78 °C
March   2350 °F10 °C38 °F3.33 °C
March   2450 °F10 °C38 °F3.33 °C
March   2551 °F10.56 °C38 °F3.33 °C
March   2651 °F10.56 °C39 °F3.89 °C
March   2751 °F10.56 °C39 °F3.89 °C
March   2852 °F11.11 °C39 °F3.89 °C
March   2952 °F11.11 °C40 °F4.44 °C
March   3052 °F11.11 °C40 °F4.44 °C
March   3153 °F11.67 °C40 °F4.44 °C

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