Qingdao Weather in November

November is the first month of winter and could be cold. The temperature is between 5°C (41 °F ) and 15°C (59 °F ). It will get colder if a cold snap arrives, which may also bring snow. The wind is also strong during the month.

Generally, a thick overcoat or wind coat lined with a knitted sweater is adequate. To protect yourself from the cold weather, consider wearing knee pads for your knees. November does not fall during the busy season , so hotel prices will be very reasonable. See our Qingdao Tours.

Qingdao Average Daily Temperatures Based on Historical Data

DateAverage High Average Low
November   160 °F15.56 °C48 °F8.89 °C
November   260 °F15.56 °C48 °F8.89 °C
November   359 °F15 °C48 °F8.89 °C
November   459 °F15 °C47 °F8.33 °C
November   558 °F14.44 °C47 °F8.33 °C
November   658 °F14.44 °C46 °F7.78 °C
November   757 °F13.89 °C46 °F7.78 °C
November   857 °F13.89 °C45 °F7.22 °C
November   957 °F13.89 °C45 °F7.22 °C
November   1056 °F13.33 °C45 °F7.22 °C
November   1156 °F13.33 °C44 °F6.67 °C
November   1255 °F12.78 °C44 °F6.67 °C
November   1355 °F12.78 °C43 °F6.11 °C
November   1454 °F12.22 °C43 °F6.11 °C
November   1554 °F12.22 °C42 °F5.56 °C
November   1653 °F11.67 °C42 °F5.56 °C
November   1753 °F11.67 °C41 °F5 °C
November   1853 °F11.67 °C41 °F5 °C
November   1952 °F11.11 °C41 °F5 °C
November   2052 °F11.11 °C40 °F4.44 °C
November   2151 °F10.56 °C40 °F4.44 °C
November   2251 °F10.56 °C39 °F3.89 °C
November   2350 °F10 °C39 °F3.89 °C
November   2450 °F10 °C39 °F3.89 °C
November   2550 °F10 °C38 °F3.33 °C
November   2649 °F9.44 °C38 °F3.33 °C
November   2749 °F9.44 °C37 °F2.78 °C
November   2848 °F8.89 °C37 °F2.78 °C
November   2948 °F8.89 °C37 °F2.78 °C
November   3047 °F8.33 °C36 °F2.22 °C

Qingdao Climate Information by Month

Questions and Answers About Qingdao Weather in November

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