Qingdao Weather in October

October is a cool month, with temperatures between 11 °C (51.8 °F ) and 20°C (68 °F ). The early mornings and evenings are cold, so the temperature differences during the day are quite large .

Wear a thin sweater and jeans, and bring another light wind coat for the early morning and evening .

The National Day holiday, or " Golden Week, " is during October . A great number of people choose Qingdao as their destination, so it will be very crowded during the month. Book your accommodations and travel tickets ahead of time. See our Qingdao Tours.

Qingdao Average Daily Temperatures Based on Historical Data

DateAverage High Average Low
October   172 °F22.22 °C60 °F15.56 °C
October   271 °F21.67 °C60 °F15.56 °C
October   371 °F21.67 °C59 °F15 °C
October   471 °F21.67 °C59 °F15 °C
October   570 °F21.11 °C59 °F15 °C
October   670 °F21.11 °C58 °F14.44 °C
October   770 °F21.11 °C58 °F14.44 °C
October   869 °F20.56 °C58 °F14.44 °C
October   969 °F20.56 °C57 °F13.89 °C
October   1069 °F20.56 °C57 °F13.89 °C
October   1168 °F20 °C57 °F13.89 °C
October   1268 °F20 °C56 °F13.33 °C
October   1368 °F20 °C56 °F13.33 °C
October   1467 °F19.44 °C56 °F13.33 °C
October   1567 °F19.44 °C55 °F12.78 °C
October   1667 °F19.44 °C55 °F12.78 °C
October   1766 °F18.89 °C55 °F12.78 °C
October   1866 °F18.89 °C54 °F12.22 °C
October   1965 °F18.33 °C54 °F12.22 °C
October   2065 °F18.33 °C53 °F11.67 °C
October   2165 °F18.33 °C53 °F11.67 °C
October   2264 °F17.78 °C53 °F11.67 °C
October   2364 °F17.78 °C52 °F11.11 °C
October   2463 °F17.22 °C52 °F11.11 °C
October   2563 °F17.22 °C51 °F10.56 °C
October   2663 °F17.22 °C51 °F10.56 °C
October   2762 °F16.67 °C51 °F10.56 °C
October   2862 °F16.67 °C50 °F10 °C
October   2961 °F16.11 °C50 °F10 °C
October   3061 °F16.11 °C49 °F9.44 °C
October   3160 °F15.56 °C49 °F9.44 °C

Qingdao Climate Information by Month

Questions and Answers About Qingdao Weather in October

rosalind 2013-10-18
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I plan to go to qingdao in 26 & 27 October - will i be see able to see the fall folliage red yellow leaves then? where is the best place to see it ? Mt Laoshan ? which route would be the best to see it - I only have Sunday half day to see and need to catch the 4:30pm train back to Shanghai. Thanks.

The Mt Laoshan is the best places to see the red yellow leaves, since you only have half day, i suggest that you take taxi go to Mt Laoshan area .

Lily Guo replied on 2013-10-19
Thanks, Lily. Approximately how much will that cost for a return trip by taxi ? Understand Mt Laoshan has many routes if going by bus, south/central/east - which route to take ? guest replied on 2013-10-19
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