Qinhuangdao Travel Guide

Situated in the northeast of Hebei Province and bordered by Bohai Sea to the south, Qinhuang Island is an important port for foreign trade in north China. It is 483 kilometers from Shijiazhuang in the southeast, 280 kilometers from Beijing in the west and is 220 kilometers from Tianjin. It covers an area of 7,813 square kilometers and has a population of 2.86 million.

Qinhuangdao is an aged city with a long and rich history. It has a story in its name. In 215 BC, the first emperor of China, Emperor Qin went eastward. When he got here, he sent someone to go to the sea and search for immortals. Then the city got its name "Qinhuangdao", in which "huang" means emperor and "dao" refers to island. And thus it became the only city named after the title of an emperor.

It has abundant tourist resources including a section of the Great Wall, beaches. The most important costal attractions are distributed along the sea. Among them, there are the ideal summer resort-Beidaihe and Shanhaiguan Pass which is regarded as the "first pass of the world".

Qinghuangdao Weather

Qinhuangdao is an ideal summer resort. It is situated in the temperate monsoon zone with mild climate and moderate moisture. It does not rain a lot in spring and thus is dry. In summer, it is cool and fine in most of the days. The winter is long with freezing. The average temperature is about 11 °C with the average highest temperature 24.9 °C and the lowest 4.3 °C. The annual average rainfall is 736.3 mm.

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Questions and Answers About Qinhuangdao Travel Guide

Jurek 2012-03-23
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Hello, From tourist information I've learnt that by the end 2011 Qinhuangdao and Beidaihe railway stations were due to re-open after renovation.That's why my questions are: 1/have they opened as scheduled 2/if they haven't how could I get by train to Pingyao
Several sources in Chinese have confirmed that the Beidaihe railway station had been open to public since July 1st 2011. You can use China Highlights train search tool to check for prices, schedules and how many tickets left. http://www.chinahighlights.com/china-trains/ Steven Zhao replied on 2012-03-26
sadhna 2012-02-04
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how do i get to shanghaiguan from shanghai
Georgiana 2011-03-07
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What is the best way to get from Dalian to Qinhuangdao?
As i know, there is no direct ferry boat or train from Dalian to Qinhuangdao. You could take the train to Shanhaiguan (25km to Qinhuangdao) then connect the bus to Qinhuangdao. Train schedule: T131(Dep. 12:02-19:20) or K7349(Dep. 14:01-22:01). Karen Karen Yang replied on 2011-03-10
Thank you, Karen. How does one get from the train station in Shanhaiguan to the bus station to go on to Qinhuangdao? Are there taxis? guest replied on 2011-03-10
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