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Qinhuangdao Attraction

Qinhuangdaois a coastal city, which makes the city a great destination for avoiding summer heat with two great coastal scenic areas: Beidaihe Scenic Area and Nandaihe Scenic Area. Another tourist theme in Qinhuangdao is the Great Wall culture: Shanhai Pass, the easternmost point of the Great Wall is located in Qinhuangdao.

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Most Popular Qinhuangdao Attractions

Beidaihe Scenic Area

Beidaihe Area is located in the southwest of Qinhuang City. It enjoys picturesque scenery. In the west of the scenic area, Lianfeng Mountain is standing gracefully. When spring and autumn come, the mountain i..

Nandaihe Scenic Area

Nandaihe Seaside Tourism Area is located 19.5 km southeast of Funing County Town, Hebei Province. It is both adjacent to and looking out on the seaside at Beidaihe, a well-known summer vacation scenic spot. Nan..