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Sanmenxia Attractions

Sanmenxia's attractions are little known to travelers, but they are worth a visit, particular for those who love Chinese history. From the Museum of Kingdom Guo to the Site of Yangshao Culture, Sanmenxia's attractions display the city's ancient history and culture.

The most famous attractions in Sanmenxia are listed below. China Highlights can help visitors by customizing a tour to any of the sights in Sanmenxia.

Most Popular Sanmenxia Attractions

Museum of Kingdom Guo

The tomb of Guo state, a cemetery of of Western Zhou and Spring and Autumn period, is the only neatly arrayed and perfectly conserved cemetery with large scale and all the classes of people. It measures 324,500..

Yuxi Canyon

LocationAt Donghan village, 10 kilometers away from Guandaokou town in the southeast, at Lushi county of Sanmenxia city in Henan Province. It is 45 kilometers far from Lushi county and 100 kilometers from the c..

Hangu Pass

It is one of the earliest passes in China and also the birthplace of Classic of the Way and Virtue, the most famous book written by Laozi, the great thinker and philosopher of ancient China. The scenic spot e..

Yellow River Dam Scenic Spot

The Yellow River runs across Sanmenxia city, looking rather magnificent, especially when it is running under the dam. The main dam is a gravity dam made from concrete, it is 713.2 meters long and 106 meters hig..

Site of Yangshao Culture

Yangshao culture got its name from its place of first discovery: Yangshao Village in Sanmenxia. The Yangshao sites are World Cultural Heritage. For those who have a love of prehistory or a fascination with..