Yuxi Canyon


At Donghan village, 10 kilometers away from Guandaokou town in the southeast, at Lushi county of Sanmenxia city in Henan Province. It is 45 kilometers far from Lushi county and 100 kilometers from the center of Sanmenxia city.


featuring in its waterfalls and ponds, it is an ecotype natural landscape spot where you can travel, take a holiday or do exercises by mountaineering.

Covering 10 square kilometers in total, the east-west canyon is 30-50 meters wide and 50-200 meters deep. Springs, waterfalls, ponds, brooks, grotesque stones, quiet valleys and simple folkways attracts many visitors every year.

Main Scenic Spots

Dazongtan Waterfall

As the symbolic sight of the spot, it is 40 meters fall, 5 meters wide with flowing volume of over 0.6 cubic meters per second. It is the widest and highest waterfall in the west of Henan Province, therefore it is regarded as No.1 great waterfall.


the watercourse lies in the middle of the scenic spot. It will takes you 90 minutes to drift for 3 kilometers. Taking the double drifting boat is the safest, for the boat is easy to drive, drift is popular because it is frightening but not dangerous, thrilling but romantic. The most exciting part is that by boat, you can go through the long channel and pass three gorges while drifting on the river.

Longquangou Wildwood

it is a banded gorge lying on the south side of the spot's center. It is 8 kilometers long, 50 kilometers wide with the highest peak called Wangfulou. Blessed with grotesque stones, hundreds kinds of herd medicine and wild animals, the mountain is also an ideal place for mountaineering and exploration.

Feetwashing Pond

The pond was said to be the place where Liubei, a famous general in Three Kingdoms Period , washed his feet. Besides the pond, there is a natural formed stone chair looking like a real chair with a backrest and two armrests.

Arrow Blocking Stone and Cliff

Legend goes that it was the very place where Wang Mang led his warriors to pursue Liuxiu. When the warriors shot thousands of arrows, Liuxiu narrowly escaped from death by hiding behind the large stone. Today you can still see countless pinholes on the stone and cliff as if they were shot by arrows.