Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone in Sanya

It is located on the Nanshan Mountain, about 40 kilometers away from Sanya.

The Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone consists of three specially themed gardens. The Nanshan Buddhist Culture Park serves as a window into China and is rich in philosophy and profound meaning, which often arouses in visitors a sense of enlightenment and morality. The main structures in the park include the Nanshan Temple, Guanyin Cultural Garden, Tianzhu Saint Vestige, the Scenic Garden for Buddhism, Shifangtalin, Guigen Garden, the Communication Center for Buddhist Culture, a dining and shopping street and so on. The Felicity and Longevity Culture Park is a garden with a collection of the essence of Chinese culture, and has the aim to create an atmosphere of peace, harmony and happiness. With its blue sky and sea, sunshine and sands, forest and reef architecture, the Nanshan Custom Park effectively presents a natural landscape on the coastline of the South Sea, and the culture and customs of the Li and Miao nationalities. Things and places for tourists to visit are the Custom Garden for Li and Miao Nationalities, the Fairyland of Legend, the Memorial House for Huang Daopo, Ocean Park, Underwater World and the Paradise for Birds and Flowers.  

The 3.8-meter-high Golden Jade Guanyin Statue, utilizing more than 100 kilograms of gold, is made of four parts: the golden body, the bright leaf, the Qianye lotus and a base made of red sandalwood. There are also 120 carats of South African diamonds embedded on it in traditional Chinese handicraft, as well as other countless jewels such as red and blue stones, emeralds, coral, pearls and green jade – all weighing more than 100 kilograms. The golden body was welded in a hand-mould process with 200 golden slices of average thickness of 1.2 mm. This process produces different colors and tactile sensations, thanks to the different handicrafts.

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How to Get There?

From the tourism zone 40 kilometers away from Sanya, visitors can drive to the Nashan Tourism Zone on the highway for about 25 kilometers and get out at the right exit. A visible road mark for Nanshan can be seen at the side of the Western highway.

Questions and Answers About Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone in Sanya

Anahi Aguilar 2011-08-06
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how much is a bus tour in sanya nanshan cultural tourism zone?
Hi Aguilar, The cost for a day trip to Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone is US$211 for a group of 1 person, US$111 for a group of 2-3 people. How many people do you have on your group? I am glad to update the offer to you as soon as I know your group size and travelling date. Check the details of the day trip, Candy Wei replied on 2011-08-07
alex 2010-09-13
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how much of the ticket price to enter to sanya nanshan cultural tourism zone?please send me the ticket fare for all type,thank you
Hi Alex, The Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone's entrance fee is CNY170. It is a quite big scenic spot and needs at least 2.5 hours visiting. Wish you a nice time in Sanya. Grace Wang replied on 2010-09-14
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