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Discover Oriental Charms: 8 Best Qipao Stores in Shanghai

Beautiful women in tight-fitting cheongsams which accentuate their curvy figure may be an eye-drawing scenery in Shanghai. Cheongsam, or Qipao (旗袍 in Chinese) which in recent years has been diversified by inspired dress-maker is no long the dress with plain floral motifs and worn only on important holiday as it used to be. The high neckline, the figure hugging silhouette and the high side slits speak of sophistication with a hint of sensuality that few garments have combined so harmoniously. So, gentlemen, imagine how your wife/girlfriend will react when they unwrap your present of a cheongsam bearing the unmistakable Chinese dressing philosophy. Here we recommend the eight most lauded cheongsam dress stores in Shanghai for you to pick up something you need.

Hanyi Cheongsam Store (瀚艺旗袍店)

Address: 217 – 221, Changle Road, Luwan District (上海市卢湾区长乐路217-221号)

Hanyi Cheongsam Store was set up eight years ago. Embroidered cheongsam is the specialty of this cheongsam store. Hanyi Cheongsam Store, whose cheongsam are all tailored by seasoned old tailor, recently released improved cheongsam with fashion patterns and motifs to cater the younger generation.

2002 Marine Cheongsam Store (2002海上旗袍店)

Address: 201, Changle Road, Luwan District (卢湾区长乐路201号)

2002 Marine Cheongsam Store is decorated with antique furniture which perfectly accord with the old buildings around the store. Many people may think 2002 Marine Cheongsam Store is a traditional cheongsam store when they first enter it. But they will find most of cheongsams are in improved design after they draw their eyes on them. For example, an impeccably well-pruned short cheongsam with soft feather rimed on the collar and sleeves. 

Shanghai Bund Cheongsam Store (上海滩旗袍店) 

Address: 15 Xintiandi Beili, 181 Nong, Taicang Road, Luwan District (卢湾区太仓路181弄新天地北里15号)

As an international fashion brand, cheongsams in Shanghai Bund Cheongsam Store are different from those hand-made ones by old tailors. Chain stores of Shanghai Bund Cheongsam Store are often opened in luxurious place such as Peninsula Hotel, Shangri-La Hotel. Cheongsams sold in Shanghai Bund Cheongsam Store are in gorgeous hues and of course good quality.

Jinzhiyuye Cheongsam  Store (金枝玉叶旗袍店) 

Address: 72, Route Cardinal Mercier (South Maoming Road), Huangpu District(黄浦区茂名南路72号)

Jinzhiyuye is a Chinese idiom means golden branch and jade leave. Jinzhiyuye Cheongsam Store offers traditional cheongsams and improved cheongsams for buyers to customize. The owner of the store, a fashion designer, infuses his inspiration into the design of the cheongsam which rejuvenates traditional cheongsam.  

Manlanlou Cheongsam Store (蔓楼兰旗袍店)

Address: 243, Changle Road, Luwan District (上海市卢湾区长乐路243号)

70, Route Cardinal Mercier (South Maoming Road), Huangpu District (黄埔区茂名南路70号)

Manloulan Cheongsam Store is special. Not for its fame as one of the most well-known cheongsam stores in Shanghai but for its various selections to meet your customization and fine craftmanship befitting you taste. Suzhou Embroidery cheongsam is one of the specialties of Manloulan.

There are strict requirements on the designing, cutting and tailoring of a good cheongsam. Tailors need to size their customers 36 times for getting comprehensive dimension of their body. In Manlanzhou Cheongsam Store, senior tailors will formulate practicable plan with the data. A paper prototype of the cheongsam for fitness testing will be offered to customers before making the real cheongsam. A marvelous thing about the tailors is, they will predict the changes in customers'stature and reserve enough fabric for future modifications.

Ligulong Cheongsam Store (丽古龙旗袍店)

Address: 205 Changle Road, Luwan District (上海卢湾区长乐路205号)

Ligulong Cheongsam Store features in making old Shanghai-style cheongsam. The use of fabric buttons (frog button) instead of zippers makes the cheongsam even more traditional. Although the making of this kind of cheongsam is more complicated and time-consuming, it indeed brings entrancing charm to the dress.

Ligulong Cheongsam Store keep a sharps eye on the selection of fabrics. Some fabrics are so rare that you cannot find them in other places. Precious clothes such as Nanjing brocade and other clothes made by ancient craftsmanship are perfect material for making cheongsam. Hand drawing cloth with beautiful Chinese painting on it is an exclusive cloth provided in Ligulong Cheongsam Store. While the selection of button material is as unique as that of fabric. Agate, cloisonné, jade, copper, silver are common materials for making buttons in Ligulong Cheongsam Store.

Dragon and Phoenix Cheongsam Store (龙凤旗袍店)

Address: 209 North Shanxi Road, Jing’an District (上海市静安区陕西北路209)

Customer will be attracted by an eyeful of traditional cheongsam when they enter Dragon and Phoenix Cheongsam Store. This store was open in May of 2009 (head shop of this store is located in West Nanjing Road). Tailors in the store have dedicated themselves in this profession for over twenty years. Some even have a working experience of over forty years.   

Hongxiang Cheongsam Store (鸿翔旗袍店)

Address: Nanjing Road

When Jin Hongxiang, who came back to Shanghai from Harbin after learning western fashion design, started her tailor shop, Hongxiang Company in 1917, streets of Shanghai were still occupied by cheongsam. But she predicted that western dress will take a position in the closets of girls an women.

Business of Hongxiang Company has ever been expanded over the century. Now it has a reputation of making good cheongsam. 

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