Shanghai Volkswagen Industrial Tour



Visit the largest and most modernized car production base in China, and watch the whole production process of cars. Contact us for a tour to visit one of Shanghai Volkswagen's factories.


Shanghai Volkswagen Automobile Co. Ltd is a Sino-German joint venture. With annual production capacity of more than 450,000, it produces the largest number of cars and vehicles among all the car production bases in China.

Battery cars are equipped inside the factory, which can avoid the trouble of conflict between daily production and visitors' tour. Shanghai Volkswagen Industrial Tour brings you to the production line, witness the process of car production, and experience advanced management and modern technology, as well as the profound influence of the coming automobile era in China’s society.

Questions and Answers About Shanghai Volkswagen Industrial Tour

ily 2013-09-24
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Hello, i was wondering if Shanghai Volkswagen Industrial Tour is already available this year? or will it possibly be, early next year?

 Volkswagen company doesn't publish for visitor now. We have not had any more news from it so far.

Carol Wang replied on 2013-09-25
Kumar 2012-11-24
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Hi,We are 25 of us who want to visit Shanghai and beijeing for 7 days. We want to visit the i3 Industries. Let us know the plan and duration. It will happen in march

Hi Kumar,
I'm sorry that the Shanghai Volkswagen Industrial Tour is no longer available now as the Vlkswagen company is about to produce a new model of car and is not open to tourists now. Weather it is available or not for next year , still wait to know. I have made a  7 days tour for you, please check it with your email.

Christy Luo replied on 2012-11-24
Spencer 2012-11-01
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Will this tour be back up and running during the end of February/ beginning of March for 2013? And if not what other company tours could I do? I have a whole group of students and we are looking to check out businesses in Shanghai!

Hi Spencer, sorry, we are also waiting for the exact information. And once we get informed, we will email you.

Whitney Liao replied on 2012-11-04
Erica 2012-10-17
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Are there any other car related tours available in Shanghai right now? My parents are coming in the first week of November, they are huge car fanatics, I was planning to bring them to the Volkswagen Tour, but sadly its closed.

Hi Erica, sorry to inform that there is no car related tours available in the near future.

Whitney Liao replied on 2012-10-17
Alison Chaiken 2012-09-28
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Is the Shanghai Volkswagen Tour available again, or is it ended permanently?
Hi Alison, the Shanghai Volkswagen Tour is not available for the rest of this year. Weather it is available or not for next year , still wait to know. Whitney Liao replied on 2012-09-29
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