Weird Slope

The supernatural Strange Slope is over 80 meters long and about 15 meters wide, with its west part higher than the east part. The strange phenomenon is that cars stopping on the foot will automatically slide upward the top. It is more wonderful to ride a bike because bikes easily roll upward toward the top but you must pay more efforts to go down the hill.

It attracts numerous tourists in and outside the country after it is explored. Centering on the Strange Slope, there gradually forms a scenic area including 20 attractions such as the natural landscapes of the Sound Mountain, Wengding, Five Mountains (the mountains of Yunmao, Wolong, Guibei, Changkong and Dagu), Three Lakes and One Spring etc. There are altogether 10 cultural scenic spots including ancient Bao'en Temple, and modern adventurous Concentric Rope Bridge and Entertainment Shooting Range.

During the last ten-day of May every year there will hold a large-scale gathering, Chinese Scholar tree Flowers Festival.