Shenyang Weather

With mainly flat land, the topography of Shenyang is characterized by plains. Located in the temperate zone, Shenyang has a semi-moisture continental monsoon climate, with four clearly-defined seasons.. The annual average temperature is about 8.1 centigrade degree.. Similar to other places in northeast China, spring and autumn here are short, and temperature changes greatly from daytime to night. The average temperature in summer is 24 centigrade degree, but it is chilly and dry in winter.

If you would like to travel to Shenyang during this period, please bring down jacket or cotton-padded clothes. The rainy season in Shenyang is mainly in the turn period from Spring to Summer and from Summer to Winter. It is the golden time to visit Shenyang from April to October every year.

Shenyang Average Climate by Month

  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
High (ºC) -5 -2 7 16 23 27 29 28 24 16 6 -2
Low (ºC) -16 -13 -4 4 12 17 20 19 12 4 -4 -12
Rain (mm) 7.62 7.62 15.24 43.18 55.88 86.36 167.64 157.48 76.2 43.18 17.78 7.62
High (ºF) 22 28 43 60 73 80 84 82 74 60 42 28
Low (ºF) 2 8 24 38 52 61 68 66 53 39 24 9
Rain (in) 0.3 0.3 0.6 1.7 2.2 3.4 6.6 6.2 3 1.7 0.7 0.3

Questions and Answers About Shenyang Weather

John 2012-11-26
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Hi I am planning to visit Shenyang in early Jan 2013. What will be the temperature and what cloths should I take with me? Most of the days I will be inside an office but I would like to go out for 1-2 days. Can I buy winter cloths cheap in Shenyang

Hi John, the temperature in Shenyang in January is from -5℃ to -16 ℃. You will have to prepare feather/padded overcoats, thick sweater, hat, scarf, gloves and boots. You can also buy winter clothes there.

Whitney Liao replied on 2012-11-29
Hi there, this winter will be my second winter in Shenyang. And now in December it is already -10 during the day and -20 in the night so I think it MUST be colder in January. If you are planning go somewhere in the evening you have to buy extra woolen insoles for shoes (very cheap here) and if you are planning to buy clothes here and you are wearing xl sizes you can forget about shopping here as it is very hard to get big sizes. I wear in europe medium sizes here i buy clothes in xxl size. 39 shoe size is almost not possible to buy. Hope that helps guest replied on 2012-12-03
Maria Bach 2012-11-25
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5 days in Shenyang 22. - 26. 12.12 being there for the first time, I ´ld like to know what is a MUST to see, where and when will I have an opportunity to visit a catholic christmas mass, what are the local souvenirs to bring home and what fun action can I do in the cold winter season?Only tooooooo happy to read your replylove Maria

Hi Maria, the must see in Shenyang is Shenyang Imperial Palace, Weird Slope, Zhaoling Tomb, Four Towers in Early Qing Dynasty, the Former Residence of General Zhang Xueliang & Beiling Park.

Yes, you will have an opportunity to visit a catholic Christmas mass at Xiaonan Street, Shenghe District, Shenyang. It was built in 1878.  You can visit it anytime you like.

For the souvenirs,  you can buy some Manchu fragrant pouches.

Making snowman outside is very exciting in Shenyang.  

Whitney Liao replied on 2012-11-27
helen goh 2012-08-30
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hi there, i contemplate to visit shenyang at the beginning of sept.2013 may i check with u how is the weather like during this month.thanks
Hi Helen, September is the begining of Autumn time in Shenyang. The average temperature is about 20℃.But lowest temperature could be 12℃ in the evening.You need to take your long shirt and coat with you. Do you need any tour service in Shenyang? If yes, please do not hesitate to let me know. Michael Hu replied on 2012-08-31
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