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Shenyang Weather


With mainly flat land, the topography of Shenyang is characterized by plains. Located in the temperate zone, Shenyang has a semi-moisture continental monsoon climate, with four clearly-defined seasons.. The annual average temperature is about 8.1 centigrade degree.. Similar to other places in northeast China, spring and autumn here are short, and temperature changes greatly from daytime to night. The average temperature in summer is 24 centigrade degree, but it is chilly and dry in winter.

If you would like to travel to Shenyang during this period, please bring down jacket or cotton-padded clothes. The rainy season in Shenyang is mainly in the turn period from Spring to Summer and from Summer to Winter. It is the golden time to visit Shenyang from April to October every year.

Shenyang Average Climate by Month

High (ºC)-5-27162327292824166-2
Low (ºC)-16-13-4412172019124-4-12
Rain (mm)7.627.6215.2443.1855.8886.36167.64157.4876.243.1817.787.62
High (ºF)222843607380848274604228
Low (ºF)282438526168665339249
Rain (in)