Airport Transportation

Transportation to Shenzhen Baoan International Airport is very convenient. There are airport shuttle buses departing to Shenzhen urban area and some nearby cities direct from the airport. Meanwhile, buses and ferries departing to Hong Kong and Macau are available too.

Transportation from the Airport to Shenzhen Urban Area

Besides airport shuttle lines, some city buses are available for the transportation from Shenzhen Baoan International Airport to Shenzhen urban area. Passengers can catch the buses at Gate 2 of TerminalA or Gate 5 of Terminal B. The following is the general timetable for the operation of the airport lines and those city buses. The hotline of the Airport Shuttle Bus is 0755-27519861 or 0751-27519862, being available between 7:00 and 21:30.

Airport Shuttle Buses to Shenzhen Urban Area

Airport Line

Departing to (from the airport)

Major Stops

Operating Hours

Full Fare

330 (Line 1)

Hualian Mansion (华联大厦)

Shenhang Mansion and Shanghai Hotel

07:30–the arrival of the last flight (start from airport) and 06:20–21:00 (start from Hualian Mansion); departing every 20 minutes

20 yuan

Note: Hualian Mansion is located at 2018 Shennan Middle Road, Futian District (福田区深南中路2018号), near the Exit B2 of Kexueguan Station (科学馆) for Subway Line 1.

Line 3

Shui'an Xindu, Xinsheng Village, Longgang District (龙岗新生村水岸新都)

Longgang Bus Station and Communist Party School

08:00–22:00 (departing every 7 minutes)

35 yuan

Line 4

Pinghu Huanan Cheng, Longgang District (龙岗区平湖华南城)

Pinghu Bus Station and Longhua Bus Station


30 yuan

Line 5

Gongming Bus Station (公明汽车站)

Songgang Bus Station and Shajin Bus Station


6 yuan

Line 6

East Dameisha Oversea Chinese Area (大梅沙东部华侨城)

Baoan Bus Station, Tutian Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medcine and Luohu Gym


30 yuan

Line 7

Buji Dafen Village (布吉大芬油画村)

Kangdaer Bus Station and Huawei Base


22 yuan

Line 8

West Passage of Shekou (蛇口西部通道)

North and South Area of Science Park


15 yuan

 Line 9

Huanggang Port (皇岗口岸)

Tequ Newspaper Office and Conference and Exhibition Center


20 yuan

Line 10

Shekou Port (蛇口码头)

Xixiang, Baoan Gym and Wal-Mart in Shekou


8 yuan

City-Buses from the Airport to Shenzhen Urban Area


Departing to (from the airport)

Major Stops

Operating Hours

Ticket Fare


Futian Water Park (福田水上乐园)

Xianren Road, Longxin Avenue, Longping Road, Jixiang Middle Road, Qinglin Middle Road, Huangge Middle Road, Shenhui Road, Jihe Express Way and Guangzhou-Shenzhen Express Way

07:30–22:00 (start from the airport) and 06:20–21:00 (start from Longgang)

8 yuan


Shekou (蛇口)

Xixiang and Nantou


8 yuan


Luohu Railway Station (罗湖火车站)

Shenzhen University and Xiasha


20 yuan


Baoan Third District (宝安三区)

Huangtian and Xixiang


 5 yuan


Passengers also can take buses direct from Shenzhen Airport to Wanchai (湾仔), Mong Kok (旺角), Hong Kong Disneyland amd Shenzhen Wan Port (深圳湾口岸). The available time and departure frequency are:

  • To Wanchai: 08:20–23:30, every 20 munites
  • To Mong Kok: 08:20–23:00, every 20 munites
  • To Hong Kong Disneyland: 08:20–11:00,every 20 munites
  • To Shenzhen Wan Port, Jiulong Tang and Taizi: 09:55–21:25, every 30 munite

Timetable for Intercity Buses to Nearby Cities

Passengers can catch buese direct from the airport to nearby cities, such as Guangzhou, Dongguan, Zhongshan, Huizhou, Zhuhai and Hong Kong (Wanchai, Kowloon MTR Station and HKIA). These buses are caught at Shenzhen Baoan International Airport Bus Station, which is located in 1 Floor, Terminal D.

Depart to (from the airport)

Major Stations

Departure Time


Duration for A Whole Journey

Zhongshan Terminal

Non Stop

11:00 12:30 14:30 16:00 18:00 20:00

65 yuan

About 1.5 hours

Dongguan Terminal Building

Humen (虎门) and Dongguan Terminal Building

08:20 09:00 09:40 10:20 11:00 11:40 12:20 13:00 13:40 14:20 15:00 15:40 16:20 17:00 17:30 18:00 18:50 19:40 20:30 21:20

30 yuan (to Humen) and 40 yuan (to Dongguan Terminal Building)

About 1 hour

Dongguan Dalang Bus Station (大朗汽车站)

Changping BusStation (常平汽车站)

08:50 09:40 10:50 11:40 12:30 13:20 14:30 15:30 16:30 17:40 18:30 19:30 20:30

45 yuan

About 2 hours

Dongguang Qingxi Bus Station (东莞清溪汽车站)

Dongguan Tangxia Bus Station (东莞塘厦汽车站)

08:35 09:15 10:05 10:45 11:35 12:15 12:55 13:35 14:15 14:55 15:35 16:15 16:55 17:35 18:15 18:55 19:35 20:15

40 yuan

About 1 hour

Dongguan Shilong Bus Station (东莞石龙汽车站)

Dongguan Bus Station (东莞客运站)

07:00 07:40 08:20 09:00 09:40 10:20 11:00 11:40 12:20 13:00 13:40 14:20 15:00 15:40 16:20 17:00 17:40 18:20 19:00 19:40

40 yuan (to Dongguan Bus Station) and 45 yuan (to Shilong Bus Station)

About 1.5 hours

Guangzhou Dongpu Bus Station (广州东圃汽车站)

Huangpu Bus Station (黄埔汽车站)

09:50 11:00 12:40 14:20 16:10 17:55 18:55

55 yuan

About 2 hours

Huidong Bus Station (惠东汽车总站)

Longhua Bus Station (龙华汽车站) and Danshui Bus Station (淡水汽车站)

07:10 08:10 08:40 09:10 10:10 10:40 11:10 11:40 12:10 12:40 13:10 13:40 14:10 14:40 15:10 15:40 16:10 16:40 17:10 18:10 19:10

20 yuan (to Longhua Bus Station), 60 yuan (to Danshui Bus Station and 70 yuan (to Huidong Bus Station (惠东汽车站)

About 2 hours

Huizhou Bus Station (惠州汽车总站)

Longhua Bus Station (龙华汽车站

07:10 07:40 08:10 08:40 09:15 09:50 10:25 11:00 11:35 12:10 12:40 13:10 13:45 14:20 14:55 15:30 16:05 16:40 17:10 17:40 18:15 18:50 19:25 20:00 20:40

20 yuan (to Longhua Bus Station) and 60 yuan (to Huizhou Bus Station)

About 1.5 hours

Ship Transportation for the Airport ?Hong Kong or Macau

There is a port (named Fuyong Port, 福永码头) in Shenzhen International Airport. Passengers in the airport can arrive at the port by taking free shuttle buses from the terminal buildings to Fuyong Port, and the buses are available at Gate 3, Arrival Hall, Terminal A and Gate 6, Arrival Hall, Terminal B. Passengers can take a ship direct form the airport to Hong Kong or Macau.

Ship Transportation for the Airport ?Hong Kong

The voyage costs 40 munites, passengers can go to the ticket counter in Fuyong Port in Shenzhen International Airport or Haitian Port (海天客运码头) in Hong Kong International Airport to buy the ticket. The ticket fare includes 50 HK$ for service charge, 20 HK$ for departure tax and fee and 15 HK$ for fuel oil surcharge.

Ferry from Shenzhen Airport departing at: 10:15, 11:30, 13:30, 15:00, 16:45, 19:15 and 20:00
Ferry from Hong Kong Airport departing at: 08:30, 10:00, 11:30, 13:00, 15:00, 18:00 and 18:30

Ticket Fare for Hong Kong Airport →Shenzhen AirportAirport (HK$)


Luxury Seat

Common Seat




Children (aged from 2 years to 12 years old)



Children (aged under 2 years old)



Ticket Fare for Shenzhen AirportAirport→Hong Kong  Airport (yuan)




Children (aged from 2 years to 12 years old)



Children (aged under 2 years old)



Ship Transportation for the Airport ?Macau

Passengers also can take a ship at Fuyong Port in Shenzhen Inernational Airport to Macau, and the ship will arrive at Taipa Port (氹仔码头) or Waigang Port (外港码头) in Macau. The pre-sale period for ticket is 30 days, and children aged over 1 year old need to pay for ticket fare. The ticket fare is 196 yuan per person, the ticket includs departue fee and fee.

Ship from Macau Waigang Port to Shenzhen Airport departs at: 11:30, 12:45, 15:30, 16:15 and 19:30
Ships from Shenzhen Airport to Macau Waigang Port departs at: 09:30, 11:00, 13:30, 14:30 and 17:30
Ship from Shenzhen Airport to Taipa Port departs at16:00, and returns at 17:30.

Questions and Answers About Airport Transportation

Choo Puay Hin 2014-01-01
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We wish to proceed to Haifeng Gongping after arrive Shengzhen Airport. Any direct shuttle bus service ?
Dear Choo Puay Hin, There is no directly bus to get to Haifeng Gongping. You could take line 1 subway to Luohu bus station from the airport, then take a bus to Haifeng. At last change another bus to Gongping. Lussie Lu replied on 2014-01-01
James Syers 2013-09-27
Show Answer
Hi, I arrive at Shenzhen airport from Shanghai at 2:40 am and need to get to Hong Kong International for a 9:45 am flight. Is there a bus that goes from any port to HK International that would get me there ontime?

Hi James, there is boat and bus between these two airport but they are only available from 9 am to 10 pm. So i am  afraid the bus doesn't work for you.

Simon Huang replied on 2013-09-27
widi 2013-07-16
Show Answer
if i stay around OCT area, and need to go to the airport early in the morning, what kind of transportation mode that i should take? thanks
Dear Widi, You could take a shuttel bus, a taxi or a subway to go to Shenzhen airport. The earlist bus is avaible at 8:00am, the subway is available at 6:30am. The taxi is flexible for the time, you'd better arrange it the day before if you need to set out so early. Please click this link to check more information: Lussie Lu replied on 2013-07-17
helen staats 2013-07-06
Show Answer
I want to travel from Shezen bao''an district to Hong Kong Mongkok. How can I do it? I want t arrive around 11 o''clock in the morning at Hong Kong Mong Kok
Dear Helen, You could take a shuttle bus to Luohu railway station for Bao`an airport(around 1.5 hours). Then take a train to Kowloon Tong station(around half an hour), and then change to Kwun Tong Line to Mong Kok station( around 15 minutes). Lussie Lu replied on 2013-07-08
Daniel 2013-04-14
Show Answer
How much is a round trip bus ticket from Shenzhen Airport to Wanchai Hong Kong? How long is trip and which buses are the cleanest? Also, do you have to get off the bus to go through customs at the Hong Kong border, or do you still stay in the bus and just show US Passport/China Visa? Where is the bus stop in Wanchai? Thanks.

Hi Daniel, sorry, I don't have the detailed information on all of these.

Whitney Liao replied on 2013-04-15
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