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Shenzhen Weather in April


April is a warm month, with an average high temperature of 26 °C (79 °F) and an average low temperature 20 °C (68 °F). It rains more, and the month gets humid. Most of the time you'll need long trousers and a light jacket/sweater, but also bring summer clothes like a T-shirt to wear during sudden hot days. Take an umbrella if you plan to be outside.

April is the best month for seeing flowers and plants in Shenzhen. Visit the Xianhu Arboretum to enjoy plentiful beautiful peach blooms and a variety of precious plants.

There aren't too many tourists in April. Good discounts on flight tickets and hotel rooms are easy to find, but book in advance. See our Shenzhen Tours.

Shenzhen Average Daily Temperatures Based on Historical Data

DateAverage HighAverage Low
April   174 °F23.33 °C66 °F18.89 °C
April   274 °F23.33 °C66 °F18.89 °C
April   374 °F23.33 °C66 °F18.89 °C
April   475 °F23.89 °C67 °F19.44 °C
April   575 °F23.89 °C67 °F19.44 °C
April   675 °F23.89 °C67 °F19.44 °C
April   775 °F23.89 °C67 °F19.44 °C
April   875 °F23.89 °C67 °F19.44 °C
April   976 °F24.44 °C68 °F20 °C
April   1076 °F24.44 °C68 °F20 °C
April   1176 °F24.44 °C68 °F20 °C
April   1276 °F24.44 °C68 °F20 °C
April   1376 °F24.44 °C68 °F20 °C
April   1477 °F25 °C69 °F20.56 °C
April   1577 °F25 °C69 °F20.56 °C
April   1677 °F25 °C69 °F20.56 °C
April   1777 °F25 °C69 °F20.56 °C
April   1877 °F25 °C69 °F20.56 °C
April   1978 °F25.56 °C70 °F21.11 °C
April   2078 °F25.56 °C70 °F21.11 °C
April   2178 °F25.56 °C70 °F21.11 °C
April   2278 °F25.56 °C70 °F21.11 °C
April   2379 °F26.11 °C70 °F21.11 °C
April   2479 °F26.11 °C71 °F21.67 °C
April   2579 °F26.11 °C71 °F21.67 °C
April   2679 °F26.11 °C71 °F21.67 °C
April   2779 °F26.11 °C71 °F21.67 °C
April   2880 °F26.67 °C72 °F22.22 °C
April   2980 °F26.67 °C72 °F22.22 °C
April   3080 °F26.67 °C72 °F22.22 °C

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