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Shenzhen Weather in August

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August continues to be as hot as July. The average high temperature during the month is about 32 °C (90 °F) and the average low temperature is 25 °C (77 °F). It rains often, but the city also experiences great sunshine during the day. Summer clothing such as T-shirts, shorts, and short pants should be worn. When you’re outdoors for a long time, wear sunscreen and sunglasses. Heavy rains and thunderstorms or typhoons are frequent and serious during August, so take an umbrella in case it rains.

August is the peak of summer, and the hot weather is good for swimming in the nearby sea. The month is also a good time for sightseeing at any of the attractions, resorts and parks in the city.

August is the low travel season, and not many tourists visit the tourist attractions, so good discounts on flights and hotel rooms are widely available if you book in advance. See our Shenzhen Tours.

Shenzhen Average Daily Temperatures Based on Historical Data

DateAverage HighAverage Low
August   189 °F31.67 °C81 °F27.22 °C
August   289 °F31.67 °C81 °F27.22 °C
August   389 °F31.67 °C81 °F27.22 °C
August   489 °F31.67 °C81 °F27.22 °C
August   589 °F31.67 °C81 °F27.22 °C
August   689 °F31.67 °C81 °F27.22 °C
August   789 °F31.67 °C81 °F27.22 °C
August   889 °F31.67 °C81 °F27.22 °C
August   989 °F31.67 °C81 °F27.22 °C
August   1089 °F31.67 °C81 °F27.22 °C
August   1189 °F31.67 °C81 °F27.22 °C
August   1289 °F31.67 °C81 °F27.22 °C
August   1389 °F31.67 °C81 °F27.22 °C
August   1489 °F31.67 °C81 °F27.22 °C
August   1589 °F31.67 °C81 °F27.22 °C
August   1689 °F31.67 °C81 °F27.22 °C
August   1789 °F31.67 °C81 °F27.22 °C
August   1889 °F31.67 °C81 °F27.22 °C
August   1989 °F31.67 °C81 °F27.22 °C
August   2089 °F31.67 °C81 °F27.22 °C
August   2189 °F31.67 °C81 °F27.22 °C
August   2289 °F31.67 °C81 °F27.22 °C
August   2389 °F31.67 °C81 °F27.22 °C
August   2489 °F31.67 °C81 °F27.22 °C
August   2589 °F31.67 °C81 °F27.22 °C
August   2689 °F31.67 °C81 °F27.22 °C
August   2788 °F31.11 °C80 °F26.67 °C
August   2888 °F31.11 °C80 °F26.67 °C
August   2988 °F31.11 °C80 °F26.67 °C
August   3088 °F31.11 °C80 °F26.67 °C
August   3188 °F31.11 °C80 °F26.67 °C

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