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Shenzhen Weather in December


December is mild. The average high temperature is 21°C (70 °F) and the average low temperature is 13 °C (55 °F). Because this month sees the least rain of the year, it is the driest month. Daytime is warm with light sunshine, but evenings may get cooler. Wear long trousers and a light sweater/jacket during the day, and bring a light coat at night in case it is cold. Thick socks are recommended for older travelers.

December is an ideal time to travel in Shenzhen. The softly blowing sea breeze is quite comfortable, and tourist attractions may be crowded with visitors during the month. Time your agenda well and if you book your trip and hotel rooms in advance, you can save money. See our Shenzhen Tours.

Shenzhen Average Daily Temperatures Based on Historical Data

DateAverage HighAverage Low
December   172 °F22.22 °C63 °F17.22 °C
December   272 °F22.22 °C62 °F16.67 °C
December   372 °F22.22 °C62 °F16.67 °C
December   472 °F22.22 °C62 °F16.67 °C
December   571 °F21.67 °C62 °F16.67 °C
December   671 °F21.67 °C61 °F16.11 °C
December   771 °F21.67 °C61 °F16.11 °C
December   871 °F21.67 °C61 °F16.11 °C
December   971 °F21.67 °C61 °F16.11 °C
December   1071 °F21.67 °C61 °F16.11 °C
December   1170 °F21.11 °C60 °F15.56 °C
December   1270 °F21.11 °C60 °F15.56 °C
December   1370 °F21.11 °C60 °F15.56 °C
December   1470 °F21.11 °C60 °F15.56 °C
December   1570 °F21.11 °C60 °F15.56 °C
December   1670 °F21.11 °C60 °F15.56 °C
December   1770 °F21.11 °C60 °F15.56 °C
December   1870 °F21.11 °C60 °F15.56 °C
December   1970 °F21.11 °C60 °F15.56 °C
December   2070 °F21.11 °C60 °F15.56 °C
December   2170 °F21.11 °C60 °F15.56 °C
December   2270 °F21.11 °C60 °F15.56 °C
December   2370 °F21.11 °C60 °F15.56 °C
December   2469 °F20.56 °C60 °F15.56 °C
December   2569 °F20.56 °C60 °F15.56 °C
December   2669 °F20.56 °C59 °F15 °C
December   2769 °F20.56 °C59 °F15 °C
December   2868 °F20 °C59 °F15 °C
December   2968 °F20 °C59 °F15 °C
December   3068 °F20 °C58 °F14.44 °C
December   3167 °F19.44 °C58 °F14.44 °C

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