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Shenzhen Weather in June


June is a hot month. The average high temperature is 31 °C (88 °F) and the average low temperature is 25 °C (77 °F). It rains a lot this month and sunny days are very hot. Summer clothing, like T-shirts, shorts, and skirts are appropriate. Remember your umbrella if go outdoors, and wear sunglasses to protect your eyes. The city may sometimes be influenced by typhoons and thunderstorms, so if you travel during June, check the weather to avoid being interrupted by sudden and serious weather.

Though it is hot, you still can enjoy your time here. Visit the beautiful summer scenery at Lotus Hill Park or go swimming in the sea. Dameisha Shore Park is a nice place to visit.

Tourist attractions are not crowded during June and you can get good discounts on hotel rooms and flights if you book in advance. See our Shenzhen Tours.

Shenzhen Average Daily Temperatures Based on Historical Data

DateAverage HighAverage Low
June   185 °F29.44 °C77 °F25 °C
June   285 °F29.44 °C77 °F25 °C
June   385 °F29.44 °C78 °F25.56 °C
June   485 °F29.44 °C78 °F25.56 °C
June   585 °F29.44 °C78 °F25.56 °C
June   685 °F29.44 °C78 °F25.56 °C
June   785 °F29.44 °C78 °F25.56 °C
June   885 °F29.44 °C78 °F25.56 °C
June   985 °F29.44 °C78 °F25.56 °C
June   1085 °F29.44 °C78 °F25.56 °C
June   1186 °F30 °C79 °F26.11 °C
June   1286 °F30 °C79 °F26.11 °C
June   1386 °F30 °C79 °F26.11 °C
June   1486 °F30 °C79 °F26.11 °C
June   1586 °F30 °C79 °F26.11 °C
June   1686 °F30 °C79 °F26.11 °C
June   1786 °F30 °C79 °F26.11 °C
June   1886 °F30 °C79 °F26.11 °C
June   1986 °F30 °C79 °F26.11 °C
June   2086 °F30 °C79 °F26.11 °C
June   2187 °F30.56 °C79 °F26.11 °C
June   2287 °F30.56 °C80 °F26.67 °C
June   2387 °F30.56 °C80 °F26.67 °C
June   2487 °F30.56 °C80 °F26.67 °C
June   2587 °F30.56 °C80 °F26.67 °C
June   2687 °F30.56 °C80 °F26.67 °C
June   2787 °F30.56 °C80 °F26.67 °C
June   2887 °F30.56 °C80 °F26.67 °C
June   2987 °F30.56 °C80 °F26.67 °C
June   3088 °F31.11 °C80 °F26.67 °C

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