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Shiyan Travel Tips

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Other than the regular Chinese holidays, the main local festivals are the temple assemblies on March 3rd and September 9th in the lunar calendar and the yearly Wudang International Tourist Festival. The martial arts demonstrations are held every year so that Shiyan is a martial arts center. There are also exhibitions of photographs of natural scenery, paintings, carvings and rocks and minerals, and antiques and souvenirs for tourists. There are also local product trade exhibitions.

Tourist Tips

  • There are rules and customs to follow when you enter a real temple. Don't point at the idols or turn your back on them, don't stand around the temple entrance and don’t make loud noises.
  • There is a saying: "Monks don't tell their names, and Taoists don’t tell their ages." Taoists cultivate themselves for longevity and don’t like to be asked how old they are or about their life experiences.
  • Don't use dirty words or curse. If you give an offering, don’t give pomegranates, plums, red flowers, chickens or dogs. Don’t eat animals or food like onions, leeks, garlic, or ginger, and don’t drink stimulating drinks. Those are the taboos of Zhenwu, the leading immortal in Wudang Mountain.
  • Wudang Mountain has sparsely populated places. Unless you are familiar with the area, it is best to no go alone or unprepared. You can hire a local guide.