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Singapore Festivals

One aspect that makes Singapore a very pleasant place to live is because festivals occur almost every month.Frequently there may be several festivals during a month and many people from Southeast Asian countries can find their own national festivals there in Singapore.

Chinese are the overwhelming majority in Singapore, so Chinese festivals are the most valued there. From the Lunar New Year to the Mid-Autumn Festival when people miss their families, they may find celebrations exactly at the same time as those in China. You may even find the old-time festival of Lao Tse's Birthday. Festivals of other countries, such as Malaysia and India, can be found in Singapore too, especially the Deepavali, Indian Festival of Lights and the Hari Raya marking the end of Ramadan in October when various festival activities bring people together and festival marketplaces bustle with noise and excitement.

Nowadays, besides these traditional festivals, there are also many international festivals, such as Fashion Festival in March, World Gourmet Summit in April, Singapore Arts Festival in June, and Food Festival in July.

Festivals in the First Lunar Month

New Year's Day

It's on the last day of every year (December 31st.) Singaporeans with visitors from all over the world will gather around Orchard Road and count down with one voice in order to celebrate the coming of the New Year. There will be variety shows and fireworks.

Lesser Bairam

Muslim people in Singapore will start celebrating Lesser Bairam after praying sincerely with peaceful and quiet hearts the same as the Muslims from all over the world. In Singapore, to celebrate the Lesser Bairam, everyone visits each other in a friendship exchange .It brings joy to the whole nation.


Thaipusam which is in January is an important festival of Hindu devotees. On this day, Hindu devotees will smash coconuts with bared feet and parade with the needles sticking in their bodies so that gods bless them.

River Raft Race

On this day, grotesque rafts will appear at Clark Quay to hold the annual Singapore River Raft Race (SRRR).

Festivals in the Second Month

Lunar New Year

It is a common festival of the Chinese across the world. During the days of the celebration of the Lunar New Year, Chinatown, Kreta Ayer, is where all the action is, with lanterns and festoons providing a colorful scene punctuated by the rub-a-dub of gongs and drums.

Chingay Parade

February 28th is the annual extravagant Chingay Parade. At the appointed time, Orchard Road will become an open stage. A series of culture shows, acrobatic performances and colorful parade floats will entertain spectators.

Festival in the Third Month

Film Festival

Every year, the Singapore International Film Festival will show more than 100 movies and many excellent short films, a feast for the eyes of movie fans.

Festivals in the Fourth Month

Food Festival

The Singapore Food Festival for the whole month is a festival to taste delicacies and cakes. In addition to the assemblage of gourmet foods, there are a series of wonderful side shows as well.

Tomb-Sweeping Day Tomb-Sweeping Day is on April 4th. On the day when the rain falls thick and fast, missing the past will add another elegant feeling.

Wesak Day

The day is to celebrate the nirvana of Buddha Shakyamuni. Buddhists will chant with devout hearts and set doves free. Donations, giving food to the needy, offerings of incense, joss sticks and prayers are carried out.

Bargain Sale

Every June, bargain sales held in the whole Singapore will raise a shopping spree, and also make Singapore, the "Shopping Paradise", more famous.

Ghost Festival

The 15th day of the seventh lunar month is Ghost Festival in Singapore. In Singapore, the Ghost Festival is not only a festival but also a good time to hold activities of charitable fundraising. Charitable activities are conducted by means of celebrations, such as dinner parties, local operas, song stages and bidding etc.

National Day

August 9th is the National Day in Singapore.

There are a series of wonderful celebration programs on every National Day, such as a parade of armed forces, stunts, thousand-person gymnastics, pluralistic cultural performances, etc. This day is a big festival of the year.

Mid-Autumn Festival

On the Mid-Autumn Festival, every family member will get together to admire the full moon with lanterns and eat moon cakes. There are activities to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival in every region of the Singapore, including Mid-Autumn exhibitions of decorated lanterns, get-togethers, amusements and shows.

The Worship of Tua Pek Kong, the Turtle God

(the 9th Lunar Month), Kusu Island, a grassy island, will be crowded with devout Muslims from afar devout men and women. Also, smells of joss sticks and candles will float on the island. It is to be noted here that this island is also a Moslem shrine.

Deeppavali / Divali

Deeppavali / Divali is perhaps the most important festival of India, the Festival of Lights. To celebrate the Deeppavali / Divali in Little India makes you feel like being in India in person. You will find thick "Indian flavors" of incenses and coconut oil, Indian accent here and there, and goluptious Indian pastries plus dazzling flower arrangements. What a real New Year!


To celebrate the Christmas in Singapore one will find many pleasant surprises. Apart from traditional Christmas programs, there will be post Christmas sales, economical and romantic Christmast meals to be found in main shopping malls. In addition, Asian Civilization Museum, Singapore History Museum etc. will be open free on this occasion as well.

Public Holidays

New Year's Day: On January 1st
Lunar New Year: January or February
Lesser Bairam: On February or March
Passion Sunday: On April 21st
Hari Raya Haji: On April 28th
Wesak Day: On May 31st
Deeppavali / Divali: On November 10th
Christmas: On December 25th