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Suzhou Attractions

Su Zhou is a city in the north of Anhui province with a long history, and this history comes with many historic sites. The following are the top three sites: Huangcangyu National Forest Park, with temples standing among verdant trees, Shegu Mound and the Tomb of Yu Ji. China Highlights allows you to customize your own tour of China, including a trip to Su Zhou if you are interested in seeing this city.

Most Popular Su Zhou Attractions

Huangcangyu National Forest Park

Huangcangyu was formerly named Huangsangyu, because the valley is covered with yellow mulberry trees. Han emperor Liu Bang once hid here to avoid capture by the pursuing Qin soldiers, and afterward the place wa..

Shegu Mound

In 209 B.C., Chen Sheng, Wu Guang and 900 colleagues went to defend enemies in the Yuyang frontier together. However, when arriving in Da Ze County, they were slowed down due to pouring rain. According to Qin l..

Tomb of Yu Ji

In 202 B.C., War between Chu and Han had a decisive battle in Gaixia.Xiang Yu, a general of early Western Han dynasty had a small number of soldiers and was in trouble during the battle, besieged and encir..