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Taian Travel Guide

Located beside Mount Tai, in the middle of Shandong Province, Tai'an city is surrounded by Qufu to the south, which is the hometown of Confucius, Zibo to the east, and the Yellow River to the west.

With thousands of years' history, Tai'an is a cultural tourism city, and is famous for Mount Tai, which is No. 1 of the Five Sacred Mountains of China. Climbing to the top of Mount Tai, and appreciating broad vistas of natural landscape in a single glance, is most visitors' desire.

Although it lacks the variety of some metropolises in China, Tai'an combines authentic entertainments with natural scenery well, to create a unique tourism experience for travelers.


Situated near the sea, and in the north of China's mainland, Tai'an enjoys a temperate maritime climate with four distinct seasons. It is warm in spring, hot and quite rainy in summer, cool in autumn, and cold to the point of freezing in winter.

The average temperature in Tai'an is about 15 °C, with February being the coldest month and September being the hottest. In the winter the temperature often falls below zero, as it snows on a frequent basis, so some thermal clothes are necessary for you to keep warm. When the highest temperature in summer reaches 38 °C during the daytime, it feels like being in a smelter.

Best Time to Travel

Spring and autumn are the best travel seasons in Tai'an, as it is neither too hot nor too cold then. But tickets are harder to book than normal. Please see our website to help you book tickets for trains and flights.


Listed as one of the world's natural and cultural heritage sites, the spectacular natural scenery of Mount Tai, such as the numerous places of interest and cliffs, attract hundreds and thousands of tourists from around the world every year.

The golden time to climb the mountain and appreciate the sunset is May. During this time of the year, the mountain is engulfed by trees and flowers, creating a colorful and lively display for tourists.

The fallen leaves in autumn, and snow world in winter, also make Mount Tai into a poetic sight.

Some extra clothes to keep warm and raincoats are indispensable, as the average temperature is 9 °C, and it often rains on the mountain.

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