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Located in the North China Plain, Tai'an is famous for Mount Tai. Shopping in Tai'an can be divided into two parts: one is in the Tai'an city; another is in Mount Tai area. Major special productions in Tai'an are Taishan walnut, Taishan ginseng, Red-star apple, and Taishan hawthorn, which are the local agriculture products. In the Mount Tai, the most famous tow special products are Talisman Stone and the Four Precious Chinese Herbs.

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Special Products

Talisman Stone

Shi Gan Dang of Mount Taishan is the well-known talisman stone in China, which even can be found in the building in Hong Kong, Taiwan, the US, and Japan. Also, formed in 600 million years ago, trilobite fossil is a kind of precious souvenir.

  • Chinese name: 泰山石 Taishan Shi/ teye-shan shee /
  • Place to Buy Talisman Stone: Zuishi Pavilion 醉石轩 Zuishixuan
  • Address: BZ-09, Dongyue Street, Jinzuo Qishi Square 泰安市东岳大街金座奇石广场B区Z-09号
  • Transportation: Take city bus No.3 or 4 and take off at Daimiao Station (岱庙站).

Four Precious Chinese Herbs

The four precious Chinese herbs refer to red gollosy ganoderma, puccoon, sealwort, lance asiabell root, tuber of muliflower knotweed. All these herbs have their special function in healthcare. These four kinds of herbs are especially precious in Mount Taishan.

  • Chinese name: 泰山四宝(四大名药)Taishan Sibao/ teye-shan si-baoww /
  • Place to Buy Four Precious Chinese Herbs:
  • Address: Lao Wangfu, Taidong Road 泰安市泰东路段老王府
  • Transportation: Take city bus No. 18 and take off at Lao Wangfu Cunweihui Station (老王府村委会站).

Major Shopping Street

Caiyuan Street

Caiyuan Street is one of the oldest commercial streets in Taian, which contains many shops that selling local products and souvenirs.

  • Chinese name: 财源街 Caiyuan Jie
  • Transportation: Take city bus No. 3 and take off at Hongqiao Baihuo Station (红桥百货站)

Major Shopping Malls

Silver Plaza

It is the chain department store in Shandong Province, where you can buy many brand goods here like clothes, watches, shoes, glasses, jewelries, cosmetics and so on.

  • Chenes name: 银座商城 Yinzuo Shangcheng
  • Address: 276 Lingshan Street, Lingshan Area 泰山区灵山大街276号
  • Transportation: Take city bus No.11 and take off at Yingchun Dasha Station (迎春大厦站).

Zhongbai Mansion

Covering an area of more than 40,000 square meters, Zhongbai Mansion is the chain store of Weifang Department Store Group. It is the first departments store that combining shopping, entertainment, and catering in Tai'an.

  • Chinese name: 中百大厦 Zhongbai Dasha
  • Address: 90 Caiyuan Street 泰安市财源街90号(下河桥东)
  • Hours: 9am–10pm
  • Transportation: Take city bus No.3 and take off at Hongqiao Baihuo Station (红桥百货站).

Place to Buy Special Agricultural Products

Lotus Supermarket

It is a famous supermarket in Tai'an, where sells many kinds of daily products. The vegetable and fruit in the supermarket are very fresh.

  • Chinese name: 易初莲花 Chuyi Lianhua
  • Address: the middle section of Dongyue Street, South Road of Taishan Square 东岳大街泰山广场南侧
  • Open: 9am - 9:30pm
  • Transportation: Take city bus No.4 or 15 and take off at Luke Cell phone Market Station (鲁科收集市场站)