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Thailand Festivals

There are several major Thai festivals and holidays. Most of them have something to do with Buddhist religion. Two of them, Coronation Day and King’s Birthday, honor the sitting king. These are opportunities to watch the Thai people’s cultural activities.

Makabucha Day

This festival celebrates 1,250 people who became enlightened and were ordained by the original Buddha in India. It falls on the full moon in the fourth month of the lunar calendar that is in February or March. At temples, Buddhists carry candles and walk around a shrine three times.

Songdran Festival

This festival is the Thai new year festival. It is also called Water-Splashing Festival. It is celebrated from April 13th to the 15th. During that day, people all over the country celebrate by having water fights. It was originally meant as a ceremony to wash away sins. Nowadays, sometimes people toss ice-cold water on each other. Other activities include washing Buddhas.

Khao Phansa Day

It is also called Washing Buddha Festival, Patriarchs of Buddhaes Sakyamuni's birthday. It is celebrated on May 23 and it's a holiday too.

Tak Bat Dok Mai Festival

It is celebrated in July, which is a very important Buddhism festival. During the festival, a ceremony of changing the Buddha's clothes will be held in Wat Phra Keaw by the king or his representative. Such a festival means the start of rainy season and monks will carry on meditation and chanting sutras for 3 months since then. Monks are not allowed to walk out of the temple except they should go out for alms-giving. They only take two dinners and gruel for the supper.

Loy Kra Thong Festival

It is celebrated on the day of the full moon in the twelfth month of the lunar calendar. This is usually in November. People float little boats made of Styrofoam or banana leaves. The boats carry candles and/or flowers.