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China’s coastline extends well over 18,000 kilometers, or 11,100 miles, ensuring that the country never lacks for beautiful beaches for a great beach getaway filled with sunshine, sea, and sand. China’s most popular beach resorts are located in Sanya, Beidaihe, Xiamen, Qingdao, Beihai, and Putuo Island, and Sanya is the best destination for beach holidays and winter escapes. Choose from our eight value-packed private tours and indulge yourself with a relaxing beach holiday.

China Highlights can also help you create your own China beach holiday with over ten years of experience in customizing China tours. 

Sanya Beach Holidays Package A
Sanya Beach Holidays Package A 5-Day Sanya Tour
One of the best places for a winter escape is Sanya Yalong Bay National Resort! Renowned as the "Oriental Hawaii", it has the most beautiful beaches in southern China. Relax in the beautiful sunshine and enjoy the beach scenery. The essence we selected for you will highlight your holiday.
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Sanya Beach Holidays Package B
Sanya Beach Holidays Package B 6-Day Sanya Tour
Spectacular tropical scenery combined with great resorts and hotels plus the many other attractions make Hainan the ideal choice for a beach vacation.
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Essence of Xiamen Tour
Essence of Xiamen Tour 4-Day Xiamen Tour
From pirates and warlords to modern economic powerhouse and resort city, Xiamen's history is as interesting as it is long.
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Essence of Shanghai with Putuo Island
Essence of Shanghai with Putuo Island 5-Day Shanghai and Putuoshan Tour
Combine a Shanghai Tour with a visit one of China's four sacred Buddhist Mountains situated on Putuo Island and of the coast of Shanghai. The three biggest Buddhism festivals are at on Feb. 19, June. 19 and Sept. 19. You can experience an atmosphere of the festival if you travel at this time.(Note: The tour price will vary during the festivals. And it is better to book early to reserve the hotels.)
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Essence of Qingdao Tour
Essence of Qingdao Tour 4-Day Qingdao Tour
Blessed with a good natural harbor, Qingdao's history is built around its port. Qingdao was occupied by the Germany for many years and still has a strong German influence which contributes to its charm. Join us to find out more about this cosmopolitan city.
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Beijing plus the Great Wall Meets the Ocean Combo
Beijing plus the Great Wall Meets the Ocean Combo 6-Day Beijing and Qinhuangdao Tour
Few people realize that "The Great Wall" China's ancient defense system commences at the Pacific Ocean edge. Combine Beijing's Highlights with a visit to "Old Dragon's Head" - the most easterly point of the Great Wall.
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