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Looking for Xi'an tours from Beijing? We have selected some of the most popular tours to Xi'an from Beijing, check out from the following categories. Alternatively, Tailor make a tour to meet your own needs.


Top China Tour for Family Vacation (CHT-FT-01)

9-Day  Beijing, Xian and Shanghai Tour

  • Explore China with your family Let you your kids experience different cultures, and experience the adventure of unusual sights and sounds. Activities designed for your family, make this classic China tour a perfect choice for a family vacation. View Map

Beijing & Xian Highlights Tour (BJ-10)

1-Day  Beijing and Xian Tour

  • Desperate to see the Entombed Warrior but have little time? We can help. We will fly you to Xian for the day, show you the highlights and deliver you back to Beijing the same day. View Map

Xian Highlights Tour from Beijing (BJ-52)

3-Day  Beijing and Xian Tour

  • Xian is called "The history of China". See the - Terra Cotta Warriors and Xian's other highlights in this Chinese history expose. View Map

Xian Discovery by train from Beijing (BJ-53)

3-Day  Beijing and Xian Tour

  • Have you ever experienced the train travel in China? Join in our 3-day train round trip tour between Beijing and Xian to see China's most famous historical site - Terra Cotta Warriors. View Map

Xian and Terra Cotta Warriors Tour from Beijing (BJ-60)

2-Day  Beijing and Xian Tour

  • Take a 1 1/2 hour flight from Beijing to see the 2500-year-old history of Xian and the eighth wonder of the world – The Terra Cotta Warriors. View Map

Xian Tour and Mt. Hua from Beijing (BJ-62)

4-Day  Beijing and Xian Tour

  • You have 4 days to explore the history and culture of Xi'an at the Terra Cotta Warriors, the ancient City Wall, and then visit one of the most revered mountains in China - Mt. Hua. View Map

China in a Nut Shell Tour (CHT-YZ-07)

18-Day  Beijing, Xian, Yichang, Yangtze, Chongqing, Lhasa, Chengdu, Guilin and Hong Kong Tour

  • Whatever your interests, we have them covered in this jaunt across most of China. From the ancient emperor's magnificent and solemn palaces, to the Yangtze River Cruise, to the Tibetan high plateau, we have it all covered and waiting for you. View Map

Essence of China Tour Deal (CHT-DA-2)

8-Day  Beijing, Xian and Shanghai Tour

  • China is a time capsule: ancient cultures and modern miracles in eight short days. The mysteries of The Great Wall, The Forbidden City and the Entombed Warriors are there to be discovered along side the amazing New China in Shanghai and Beijing. View Map