Tour to Inner Mongolia

The Nadam Grassland Festival of Mongolia

Suggested Itinerary
Day 1 Beijing to Overnight train, Train No. K89 (Beijing West Railway Station Railway Station) Dep 21:00 - Arr 07:20

Train station Transfer (Beijing)

Day 2 Overnight train to Hohhot
Inner Mongolia Dazhao Lamasery 

Train station Transfer (Hohhot), Dazhao Lamasery, The Inner Mongolia Museum, Five Pagoda Temple

- Dazhao Lamasery (1.5 hours): Situated in Dazhao-qian Street, Yuquan District, Hohhot, the Dazhao Lamasery was built by Alatan Khan--chief of Tumd Mongolian Tribe in the 7th year of Wanli Age of the Ming Dynasty. It is the oldest and best known of all lamaseries of Geluk Tibetan Buddhism as well as the biggest and most complete wooden structure ever built in Hohhot which is still retaining its former grandeur today. The Lamasery boasts a large collection of religious and cultural relics, among which the silver statue of Buddha, dragon sculpture and frescos are the most cherished treasures.
- The Inner Mongolia Museum: The Inner Mongolia Museum is a regional-level museum focused on collecting artifacts relating to ethnic history especially the northern tribes called Xiongnu, Xianbei, Qidan, Mongolians and others. It holds 44,000 objects among which quite a few are rare treasures seldom seen in China. Besides this, the museum is renowned for its extensive collection of massive dinosaurs, mastodons, and many other kinds of fossilized remains from the Mesozoic period that have attracted global attention.
- Five Pagoda Temple (1.5 hours): Five-Pagoda was originally part of the Cideng Temple built in 1732. Over the years, the Temple had turned to ruins but the Pagoda remained. Built of stone and bricks, the structure is 13 meters high and has three parts: the base, the seat and the top. There are five small dagobas (Tibetan style pagodas) on the pedestal of the Pagoda. In the lower part of the seat there are exquisite inscriptions of Diamond Sutra written in Mongolian, Tibetan and Sanskrit. The upper part of the seat has a niche for a statue of Buddha and four Devarajas. More than 1500 relief sculptures of Buddhas are engraved on the five dagobas. The astronomical chart with Mongolian inscriptions on the northern wall is the only one of its kind in the world.

Day 3 Plain pasturing area, Gegentala Grassland, Nadam Fair, One Hour Horse Riding on the Plain
Inner Mongolia Grassland 

- Gegentala Grassland (4 hours): Gegenda Prairie is 145 km from Hohhot. With luxuriant grasses, undulating hills, abundant lakes, grazing horses and sheep, the seemingly endless grassland resembles a beautiful painting and has the feel of an otherworldly place. Visitors can enjoy the beauty of the grassland on horseback, experience camel riding, listen to shepherds sing, learn about customs and manners of the Mongolian people, enjoy performances and sample ethnic foods.
- Nadam Fair: Nadam Fair was held for large-scale sacrificial activities and to pray for blessings from Manito. Now, activities like wrestling, horseracing, and archery (the three skills all Mongolian men should master) are the primary role of the fair.The fair finishes with a bonfire party during the night when the young people singing and dancing.
- One Hour Horse Riding on the Plain: The horse is lead for safety reasons on this 35-minute ride. You will have chance to taste hand-made cheese, milk tea and other local specialities when you visit a local herdsmen’s family. Sunglasses, hat are recommended when you take this nomad-life experience.

Day 4 Hohhot to Baotou to Erdos

Activities: Our guide and driver will escort you from Hohhot to Baotou, Our guide and driver will escort you from Baotou to Erdos, Resonant Sand Bay, 20-minute Camel Riding in the Desert

- Mongolian Big Camp Restaurant : Mongolian Big Camp Restaurant is one of the most famous restaurants in Erdos. It specializes in Mongolian cuisine and highly recommended by customers for its good food and reasonable prices.
- Resonant Sand Bay (3 hours): Shaxiangwan Tourist Area is featured by its amazing desert landscape and the whispering sand dunes. Besides, there are also the sand lake and the oasis, etc. The sand dunes stretch as far as the eye can see and form a magnificent landscape.Recently scholars proposed scientific principles to explore its cause of formation. However, no substantial progress was achieved.
- 20-minute Camel Riding in the Desert: The Camel is lead for safety reasons on this 20-minute ride. Sunglasses, hat are recommended when you take this nomad-life experience.

Day 5 Erdos to Hohhot to Overnight train, Train No. K90 (Beijing West Railway Station Railway Station) Dep 21:10 - Arr 07:20

Our guide and driver will escort you from Erdos to Hohhot, Genghis Khan's Mausoleum, Train station Transfer (Hohhot)

- Genghis Khan's Mausoleum (2 hours): Genghis Khan's Mausoleum, rebuilt in 1954 185 kilometers south of Baotou, is a mausoleum, in which only his clothing is buried in memory of the great leader. The 5.5 hectares mausoleum includes three giant yurt halls which house coffins of the Khan, his wife, his son and his generals.

Day 6 Overnight train to Beijing

Train station Transfer (Beijing)

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