Guilin Cultural Program

14-Day Guilin - Longsheng - Chengyang - Huanjiang - Yangshuo
Day 1-3 Guilin and LongshengThe Four Lakes, the Longji Terraced Fields Day 4-11 Chengyang and Huanjiang English Program in School, Minority CultureDay 12-14 YangshuoBamboo Rafting on the Li River, Xingping Village
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Map of Guilin-Chengyang-Huanjiang-Yangshuo
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Fourteen days of minority culture and fantasy Karst landscape. Have more personal touch with your guide and local people. The Guilin Discovery Program is there to be discovered alongside the southern China phenomenon of Guilin and her attractive neighbourhoods.

Day 1 Arrival in Guilin

Your private guide and driver will be waiting for you in Guilin. You can enjoy a trouble-free transfer from the airport to your hotel.

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Day 2See highlights in Guilin City Center

Enjoy a morning fresh from a good night’s sleep and up without hurry. You will see the highlights in the downtown of Guilin. Visit Elephant Trunk Hill, the iconic symbol of Guilin, and take a Two Rivers Four Lakes cruise to travel the course of Guilin’s city moat in ancient times.

Good to know:

  • A night walk along the Two Rivers Four Lakes circuit is amazingly atmospheric and colorfully lit. You may prefer a short walk to take in the Twin Towers in ‘Pine Lake’ and the city center.
The Water System of Guilin The Water System of Guilin
Day 3 Hiking at Longji Terraced Rice Fields

Your private transfer from Guilin to the Longji Terraced Rice Fields takes about 2½ hours. Go hiking along the mountainside terraced fields to experience mountain minority life. Your guide will take you to the right place to enjoy a wonderful sunset over the fields.

Good to Know:
Longji is a favorite destination among photography lovers. You can experience the local Zhuang people’s unique folk culture there as well.

Longsheng terraced fields The Longji Terraced Fields in Longsheng
Day 4 Experience More Minority Culture

Watch the Yao minority folk’s “long hair performances” in a local Yao village, consisting of the “long hair dance” and “praying for good fortune dance”. The village is the top “long hair village”, listed in the Guinness World Record Book because of the length of their hair.

Depart for Sanjiang Dong Autonomous County and stay in one of the Chengyang Eight Dong Villages.

The Longsheng Yao minority Local Yao Minority
Day 5 Learn About Dong Minority Culture

Watch and learn the art of making youcha (‘oil tea’) for breakfast, and enjoy the Dong Minority performances. Relax and walk among the villages to see their unique architecture — the Wind and Rain Bridge and Drum Towers.

The Wind and Rain Bridge in Chengyang The Wind and Rain Bridge
Day 6Learn About Chinese Tea Culture

Hike up to a local tea plantation and pick tea with the local Dong people. Watch and learn the art of processing tea and experience Chinese tea culture.

Good to Know:

  • The Chengyang Eight Dong Villages are famous for green tea. You can buy tea made by yourself when you pick tea with the locals.
The oil tea The Oil Tea
Day 7Private Transfer from Chengyang to Huanjiang

A private transfer from Chengyang to Huanjiang lasts 7 hours. Travel to Huanjiang Maonan Minority County, attend orientation, and prepare for the English Program at dinner with the principal and English teachers of the High School.

Good to Know:

  • Huanjiang Maonan Minority County is the only concentration of the Maonan minority in China. It is the best place to experience the Maonan people’s unique culture.
The Huanjiang Museum The Huanjiang Museum
Day 8-10English Program with Students

Attend English classes with local students. Learn about Chinese education by visiting a local school and teaching English as an oral English teacher. Enjoy three days with the students through the English program activities.

English program English Program
Day 11Day Tour to Top Sights in Huanjiang

Enjoy the highlights in Huanjiang after a bite of the Maonan people’s culture through the English program. See unique Maonan architecture and famous local places to learn more about Maonan lifestyle and culture.

visit villages of Huanjiang Meet Local People
Day 12Departure for Yangshuo

The private transfer from Huanjiang to Yangshuo is 5 hours. You guide and driver will deal with any hassles, so you only need to relax. Have a walk around the night market in Yangshuo to enjoy its vivid night life.

Good to know:

  • Yangshuo’s night life is varied and particularly attractive to foreign travelers. You can have lots of fun there if you are not too tired after the transfer. Most bars and shops in Yangshuo open till 2:00 in the morning.
Yangshuo West Street Yangshuo West Street
Day 13Enjoy the Beauty of the Li River

You will travel to Yangdi, take a bamboo raft along the Li River to Xingping, and walk around Xingping, an old ancient town surrounded by karst hills. Hike up ‘Old Village Mountain’ to enjoy a great view of the Li River and some stunning karst. Watch the famous cormorant fishing in the evening along the Li River, and head back to Yangshuo.

Good to know:

  • The Li River is famous for its breathtaking karst landscapes, and has been named as one of the world’s 15 best rivers for travelers — the only Chinese river selected by CNN Travel.
xingping scenery Xingping Scenery
Day 14 Depart from Guilin

During your private transfer from Yangshuo to Guilin Liangjiang Airport, your private tour team will take you to the right gate in good time. Your guide will assist you with flight check-in and luggage, and make sure you board the flight.

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