Student Program of Eastern China

13-Day Shanghai - Suzhou - Changshu - Beijing
Day 1-3 ShanghaiShanghai History Museum Day 4-5 SuzhouThe Lingering Garden Day 6-9 ChangshuSchool Visit
Day 10-13 BeijingThe Great Wall
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Map of Shanghai-Suzhou-Changshu-Beijing
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Thirteen days to experience culture elements in Shanghai, Suzhou and Beijing, meet Chinese students in Changshu and homestay with them. Have more personal touch with local people and tour guide. The Program is designed for class, school and orgnizations around the world to have deeper China touch.

Day 1 Arrival in Shanghai

Your guide, private driver, and comfortable(non-smoking)transport will be waiting for you when you arrive at the airport. Your guide will assist you with luggage and checking in to your hotel. Enjoy a stress-free and easy transfer from the airport to your hotel.

Day 2See the Classic Shanghai Sights

Visit Yu Yuan to see a traditional Chinese private garden with rockeries, pavilions, ponds, and colonnades. The garden is in the old quarter, where travelers can find authentic local snacks. Visit the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, the symbol of modern Shanghai, and learn about China’s history in Shanghai History Museum on the first floor of the TV Tower. Learn how to make silk in Shanghai Tianhou Silk Factory.

Good to Know:

  • Yu Garden is an outstanding Chinese private garden, built in 1559 during the Ming Dynasty. The Oriental Pearl TV Tower is one of the best places to see modern Shanghai
The Yu Garden in Shanghai The Yu Garden
Day 3 Explore Shanghai

Explore Shanghai with your local tour guide. You will visit the Subway Market to experience local life. In the evening hold your breath, as you enjoy the amazing, and incredible, acrobatic and circus feats.

Good to Know:

  • Shanghai Circus has won acrobatic awards all over the world. You will be shocked by the fantastic performances, a Shanghai must-see.
Shanghai Shangcheng Acrobatic The Shanghai Acrobatic
Day 4 Visit Traditional Chinese Gardens in Suzhou

After a two-hour transfer from Shanghai to Suzhou, you will visit Lingering Garden, one of “the top four Chinese gardens”. Explore Suzhou Old Town to experience local life.

Good to Know:

  • Lingering Garden is an exquisite private Chinese garden, famous for its unique architecture and artistic landscaping.
The Lingering Garden in Suzhou The Lingering Garden
Day 5 Take Part in "The Race Around Suzhou"

Attend “The Race” to conquer the tasks while cooperating with other students. Have fun and enhance your friendships. “The Race” is a great way to enjoy teamwork and see the beautiful scenery around Suzhou.

View of Suzhou city Suzhou City
Day 6Suzhou to Changshu

You will be seamlessly picked up and transferred to Changshu. There visit Changshu Foreign Language Middle School (CFLMS) to experience Chinese middle school student life, and meet your home stay families to learn about Chinese family life.

Changshu Foreign Language Middle School Changshu Foreign Language Middle School
Day 7Classes at CFLMS

Have classes at Changshu Foreign Language Middle School to experience a different method of education — the China method. Have fun with local students. A home stay with a local family will help you gain more understanding about Chinese education, as there is always lots of homework.

have class with Chinese students Having Class
Day 8Goodbye to CFLMS

Say “goodbye” to the school and your new friends, and visit Changshu Museum to learn more about the past and present of Changshu City. You guide will help you to check in to your hotel.

Changshu museum Changshu Museum
Day 9Explore Changshu

Have a walk along the Old City Wall in Changshu to experience its history. Visit Yu Mountain National Forest Park, which is not only famous for its marvelous natural scenery, but also as a historic site.

Good to know:

  • Changshu is a famous ancient city, rich in historic sites for travelers to discover.

the Yu mountain national forest park Yu Mountain National Forest Park
Day 10Changshu to Beijing by Bullet Train

Your guide will take you to the train station to catch a bullet train to Beijing. You will arrive in the capital at about 18:15. Your local tour team will be waiting for you in the station, and will assist you with your luggage and hotel check-in. Enjoy a stress-free transfer from Changshu to Beijing.

bullet train The Bullet Train (CRH)
Day 11See the Highlights of Beijing

Visit Tian’anmen Square, the enduring political symbol of China and the world’s largest city square. Learn about the imperial life in the Forbidden City, where 24 emperors in the Ming and Qing dynasties (1368–1911) lived. The Forbidden City is the most important treasure house of ancient China.

Good to know:

  • The Forbidden City is the largest and the best-preserved ancient imperial palace complex in the world. It’s the best place for Chinese ancient culture.
The Forbidden City The Forbidden City
Day 12Hiking Along the Great Wall at Mutianyu

Hike along the Mutianyu section of the Great Wall, which is less-crowded with marvelous natural scenery. You can enjoy superb views of fully-restored Great Wall snaking across the hills.

Enjoy Beijing roast duck at dinner in Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant, the most famous restaurant in the world for Peking duck.

Good to know:

  • Mutianyu Great Wall is only about 2 hours' drive from Beijing's downtown. The road trip on good highways will reward you with marvelous views.
  • Beijing Roast Duck is the most famous specialty of Beijing cuisine, which should not be missed in the capital.
the Mutianyu Great Wall The Great Wall of Mutianyu Section
Day 13 Fly Back to Shanghai and Depart China

You will take a flight from Beijing to Shanghai for your international return flight. Your guide will help you to deal with all the hassles during the transfer to Shanghai Pudong International Airport, so just relax, and reflect on your trip of a lifetime, as you prepare to head back home.

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