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Explore the mysterious world of Chinese Kungfu and China’s ancient civilization with our Kungfu Tours.

Chinese Kungfu is a combination of numerous fighting styles developed for thousands of years. It is an important aspect of Chinese culture, combining grace, power and philosophy. China Travel's Kungfu tours will take you to Shaolin Temple, which is the cradle of Shaolin Kungfu. There visitors can learn about the ancient martial art history and philosophy, watch stunning Kungfu performances by Kungfu master, or even participate in the training courses to learn Kungfu.

You can also tell us your interests and requirements, China Travel can help you create your own memorable Kungfu tour. We have specialized in customizing China tours for our customers for more than 10 years.

Chinese Kungfu Experience Tour
Chinese Kungfu Experience Tour 11-Day Beijing, Xian, Luoyang, Dengfeng, Zhengzhou and Shanghai Tour
Chinese Kung fu is a precious treasure that belongs not only to China but to the whole world. We will take you to the cradle of Chinese Shaolin Kung fu - the Shaolin Temple to explore the evolution of Shoalin Kung fu and the great impact on people's lives both in ancient times and the present day. You will see power and grace combined in a demonstration of the art of Shaolin Kung fu by a Shaolin Master. Be transported to the mysterious world of this ancient art to experience for yourself what has inspired the great action heroes of today's movie blockbusters.
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One week Kungfu Experience Travel
One week Kungfu Experience Travel 7-Day Zhengzhou and Dengfeng Tour
This tour is designed for those who want be trained by the true Kung fu master over a four day period. We will take you to the cradle of Chinese Shaolin Kung fu-Shaolin Temple to experience first hand what it means to commit this lifestyle.
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