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7-Day Huangshan, Wuyuan and Hangzhou Tour (CHT-SC-04)

Strange pines, grotesque rocks, the sea of clouds and hot springs are just part of “China's first strange mountain”-Yellow Mountain, plus the elegant and stunning classical beauty of Hangzhou. All of this is yours in this 7 days tour.

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Day 1


Place & Transport: Arrive in Huangshan, Flight not included
Today's Activities: Airport Transfer (Huangshan), A Free CH cell phone package (one cell phone for one group)

- A Free CH cell phone package (one cell phone for one group):

A Free CH cell phone package (one cell phone for one group) includes free rental for the cell phone and SIM card (Includes prepaid value of CNY 50), delivery and collection in China. Return the phone to your guide when you depart. For more about the cell phone rental service, please click cell phone rental information.

China Highlights also provides a Wi-Fi package so that you can connect to the internet in China anytime and anywhere. Our 3G service provides speeds of up to 21Mbps on your smart phone, pad or laptop, so you can stay in contact. For more detail please visit Wi-Fi rental information .


Accommodations: Xinan Country Villa Hotel(in the city) (Economy) 


Day 2


Place & Transport: Huangshan
Today's Activities: The Yellow Mountains, Yungu Cable Car, Huizhou Culture Museum
Meals: Breakfast, Chinese Lunch, Chinese Dinner

- The Yellow Mountains (6 hours): Located in the south of Anhui Province, with an area of about 1,200 square kilometers, known as "the loveliest mountain in China",famous for magnificent scenery whatever the season: granite peaks piercing the clouds, strangely shaped rocks and gnarled trees, hot springs, waterfalls, wonderful outlooks and over 1500 plant species. No traffic within the core area of about 150 square kilometres, accessible by cable car or on foot. Many enticing walks of all grades, all include some steps.
- Yungu Cable Car (10 minutes): You can enjoy the scenery along the way as you ascend or descend the Yellow Mountain by cable car.
- Huizhou Culture Museum: Located at the south side of Tunxi aiport Yingbin Avenue and adjacent to Hui-hang high way entrance, Huizhou culture museum covers a land area of 10.4 hectares and an architecture area of 1.4 hectares. With more than 100000 historical relics varying from ancient ceramics and pottery, ink stone, Huizhou ink stick ,paintings ,calligraphy, carvings in stone ,brick and wood, bronze ware, jade and old local books and documents to some others, Huizhou culture museum fully bring forth the feature of local culture.

Accommodations: Beihai Hotel Huangshan (Economy) 


Day 3

The Ancient Street of Tunxi

Place & Transport: Huangshan
Today's Activities: Yungu Cable Car, Tunxi Ancient Street
Meals: Breakfast, Chinese Lunch at Mei Shi Ren Jia Restaurant

- Yungu Cable Car (10 minutes): You can enjoy the scenery along the way as you ascend or descend the Yellow Mountain by cable car.
- Tunxi Ancient Street (1 hour): It's located in the center of the old city of Tunxi,there are hundreds of old but well preserved rows of shops, evoking a bygone era in buildings that are simple and elegant. It is a commercial street that is only for pedestrians.
- Mei Shi Ren Jia Restaurant: Located in center of the old street, Mei Shi Ren Jia Restaurant serves Hui cuisine and Hangzhou cuisine. It is decorated in a Chinese style with a cozy environment. The restaurant also caters to a variety of cuisine especially specializes in dim sum, which has earned a wide prestige in locals.

Accommodations: Xinan Country Villa Hotel(in the city) (Economy) 


Day 4


Place & Transport: Huangshan to Wuyuan
Today's Activities: Our guide and driver will escort you from Huangshan to Wuyuan, Jiangwan Village, Likeng, Sixi Village
Meals: Breakfast, Chinese Lunch

- Jiangwan Village (1.5 hours): The Great Man’s Hometown—Jiangwan the place was given birth to a lot of great men like Jiangyong [Economist in the Qing Dynasty], Jing Yilin [Deputy Minister of Finance Ministry in the Ming Dynasty], Jiang Guigao [Official of Finance Ministry in the Qing Dynasty], Jiangqian [Educator and scholar of Buddhism during the late Qing Dynasty] and many others. There visitors can see many ancient buildings such as “Sanxing Hall”, “Dunchong Hall” and “Peixin Hall”; all these make people have the feeling of Jiangwan full of histories. In Jiangwan town, there is the “Late Dragon Mount” full of trees and the river with flowing water. It is a real earthy paradise.
- Likeng (1.5 hours): Likeng is an ancient village where mainly lives the families with the surname of Li, and is about 12 km distant from Wuyuan County. Likeng is a place that has a great period of prosperity of literature and men of talent came out in succession. From the Song Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty, there came out more than 100 officials and rich business men. The scholars of the village left 29 books of classical works.
- Sixi Village (1.5 hours): The village for the movie of “Liao zhai”—Sixi There 30 ancient buildings are preserved, built between the end of the Ming Dynasty and the beginning of the Qing Dynasty. “Jingxu Hall “covered an area of one Mu with classic rectangle well. It is one of the places for shooting film of “Liao Zhai”. In another residence, a “Bai Shuo Tu”(a hundred Chinese characters on longevity) is made of 96 characters in different handwritten styles, carved in the middle of twelve doors, that is regarded as “the unexcelled art”

Accommodations: Jiangwan Hotel Wuyuan 


Day 5

Xiaoqi Village

Place & Transport: Wuyuan to Huangshan to Hangzhou,
Today's Activities: Xiaoqi Village, Our guide and driver will escort you from Wuyuan to Huangshan, Express bus station transfer (Huangshan), Express bus station transfer (Hangzhou)
Meals: Breakfast, Chinese Lunch at Wuyuan Hotel

- Xiaoqi Village (1.5 hours): Ecological Oases——Xiaoqi, A village built in the Song Dynasty, there are many special ancient buildings with its magnificence and precise craftsmanship, they are “Dungui Shrine”, ”Jinshi Mansion”, “Mansion of Senior Official” and “Rongru Mansion”etc. The roads of village were made of small stones. You can see the fish swimming freely in the “Yangshen River”. Many famous ancient trees spread all over the village, all these picturesque landscape depicting the symbiosis of people and nature, and make you forget to go home.
- Wuyuan Hotel: The restaurant is located at Wuyuan Hotel. It serves Chinese food and local snacks.

Accommodations: Enjoyor Hotel (Economy) 


Day 6


Place & Transport: Hangzhou
Today's Activities: Lingyin Temple, Six Harmonies Pagoda
Meals: Breakfast, Chinese Lunch at Zhang Sheng Ji Restaurant

- Lingyin Temple (2 hours): As one of the most important and wealthiest Buddhist temples in China, Lingyin Temple boasts plenty of pagodas and Buddhist grottoes.
During the Eastern Jin Dynasty in 328 AD, Hui Li, a monk from India brought Buddhism to this area and founded this temple. At that time, nine multi-storey buildings, 8 pavilions, 72 halls and more than 1,300 dormitory rooms had made up this temple, and it was the national worship center.
Located in front of the temple proper, Feilai Feng (Flying Peak) is an outstanding Buddhist grotto site, in which are engraved numerous Buddha images. Legend has it the peak was originally from India, and flew to Hangzhou overnight as a demonstration of the omnipotence of Buddhist law.
Other attractions include Hall of the Heavenly Kings, Grand Hall of the Great Sage, Hall of the Medicine Buddha, Sutra Library, and Hall of the Five Hundred Arhats.
- Six Harmonies Pagoda (30 minutes): The Liuhe Pagoda is located on the north bank of the Qiantang River in the south of Hangzhou City. The Liuhe Pagoda is one of the famous ancient pagodas in our country and forms the wonderful sceneries of Hangzhou together with "the ten sceneries of the West Lake". Highly erected by the Qiantang River and to the south of the West Lake, it is a perfect symbol of brick-and-wood structure built in the ancient China. It was first built in 970 AD in the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127). The name "six harmonies" comes from the six Buddhist ordinances, meaning "harmonies of the heaven, earth, east, west, south and north"
- Zhang Sheng Ji Restaurant : Zhang Sheng Ji is a popular old Hangzhou restaurant whose philosophy is that food doesn't have to be fancy or use exotic ingredients to be delicious. Duck casserole and West Lake vinegar fish are the first dishes that come to mind for most people when Zhang Sheng Ji is mentioned.

Accommodations: Enjoyor Hotel (Economy) 


Day 7


Place & Transport: Depart Hangzhou, Flight not included
Today's Activities: The West Lake(including the Island on the lake), Hotel to airport Transfer (Hangzhou)
Meals: Breakfast, Chinese Lunch at Louwailou Resturant

- The West Lake(including the Island on the lake) (1 hour): West Lake has an area of 5.6 square kilometers (2.2 square miles) and is the symbol of Hangzhou which lies on its banks and is a place of tranquility. A visit to Fairy Island is worth it to see on of the Ten Best Views of West Lake - Three Pools Mirroring the Moon. The occasional pagoda and Chinese-style arched bridges add atmosphere to the tree-lined walkways, verdant islands and hills make West Lake a very special part of any China experience.
- Louwailou Resturant: Louwailou is a famous restaurant located nearby West Lake and has a long history of more than 150 years. The restaurant specializes in Hangzhou cuisine and it is well known for West lake vinegar fish and Braised Dongpo Pork.

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  • Phone Rental Package:
    Rental cost for the cell phone and SIM card for use in mainland China, and at least 30 mins of FREE international calls.
  • Meals:
    All meals as specified in the itinerary.
    If the restaurant indicated is not available on the day, your guide will arrange another restaurant from our list of approved restaurants. Breakfast is usually a western style buffet. We endeavor to ensure that a choice of western and Chinese breakfasts is supplied, however there may be occasions when only a Chinese breakfast is available in some remote locations.
  • Private Transfers:
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    Hotel fees are based on two people sharing one room with twin beds.
    All hotels as listed in the above itinerary serve daily western or Chinese breakfast. All rooms are air-conditioned with private facilities unless specified.
  • Transportation:
    Yellow Mountain To Hangzhou Transfer via: Bus, (Our arrangements)
  • Service Charge & Government Taxes:
  • Insurance
    The insurance is China Life Tourist Accident/Casualty Insurance.
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  • Luggage Transfers:
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  • Arrangements:
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