Guilin Minority Culture Discovery Tour

Suggested Itinerary
Day 1 Arrive in Guilin, Flight not included

Airport Transfer (Guilin)

Day 2 Reed Flute Cave, Folded Brocade Hill, Elephant Trunk Hill
Guilin Elephant Trunk Hill

- Reed Flute Cave (1 hour): Located 5 kilometers northwest of Guilin city, the Reed Flute Cave gets the name from the reeds used for making flutes and pipes that grow at its entrance. The cave is regarded as the largest and most impressive cave in Guilin. It is 240 meters long, and the length of the tour is about 550 meters offering a magic land of stalactites, stalagmites, stone pillars, stone curtains, birds, plants and animals in fantastic shapes and colors. The visit lasts for 40 minutes and there are a lot of steps. Watch your step as the lights are dim. You guide will show you by electric torch.

- Folded Brocade Hill: Sitting on the bank of the Li River, the stone blocks are piled one after another just like a pile of colorful folded silk. Piled Silk Hill is famous for its beautiful view and smooth path for climbing. The hill has many points of interest including Diecai pavilion, Yuyue loft, Wind cave, Diecai tower, Looking at the River Pavilion to enjoy the beautiful Li River's scenery and Catching Clouds pavilion.

- Elephant Trunk Hill (40 minutes): Elephant Trunk Hill is located at the junction of Li River and Peach Blossom River. It is the symbol of Guilin with 55 meters high and got its name because its shape resembles an elephant with its trunk drinking from the Li River. The hill is pierced with many caves and topped with a small pagoda.

Day 3 Guilin to Longsheng to Guilin
Longsheng Hiking

Our guide and driver will escort you from Guilin to Longsheng, Dazhai Village, Tiantouzhai Village, Longsheng Terraced Field - Jinkeng, Our guide and driver will escort you from Longsheng to Guilin

- Dazhai Village: Dazhai Village is at the foot of the mountain with the timber homes of the Yao people perched on the side of the hill. The terraced rice fields are stacked on top of each other up the steep mountain. The two-storey timber houses provide shelter for the families on the top floor and their animals live below.

- Tiantouzhai Village : Tiantouzhai Village is one hour’s climb up the mountain but the panoramic views of the Jinkeng Rice Terraces are well worth the climb for those able to do it.
- Longsheng Terraced Field - Jinkeng : Literally meaning a golden hole,Jinkeng lies in the northern corner of Guilin and is about 29 km from the famous Dragon-bone rice paddies or Longji terrace.Here, you can not only get into touch with the natural beauty of the best yet unopened to the rest of the region, but also into the amazement of realizing that there could still be such different cultures from our familiar ones as well.Then come and enjoy, come with your deep expectation and you would be leaving with your super satisfaction. Note: 1.When tourists reach the foot of the hills (entrance to the scenic area), they are required to get off their own vehicle and change to the scenic area's shuttle bus to get to the village. 2. Cable car fee is included in the quation.

Day 4 Depart Guilin, Flight not included

Hotel to airport Transfer (Guilin)

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