Guilin Student Tour

Suggested Itinerary
Day 1: Arrive in Guilin, Flight not included

Airport Transfer (Guilin)

Day 2: Guilin to Longsheng
Longsheng Hiking

Our guide and driver will escort you from Guilin to Longsheng, Minority village and Longsheng Terraced Field, Hiking from Ping'an Village to Zhongliu Village

Minority village and Longsheng Terraced Field: The Longji Terraces are built into the steep mountain range named "The Dragon's Backbone" about 2.5 hours from Guilin. The terraces look like ribbons as they wind from the foot to the top of the mountain. This ingenious construction makes best use of the scarce arable land and water resources in the mountainous area. There are about 66 square kilometers of terraced fields in the district. The Terraces were first built in the Yuan dynasty and completed in the Qing dynasty by the Zhuang people. Zhuang and Yao minority villages dot the area and feature traditional unique architecture where no nails are used in construction. The different minority customs and dressing styles are especially interesting. Sedan chairs are available from the parking lot to the top of the mountain for customers who would like to see the great views but do not wish to climb all the way up to the top; it takes about CNY350 per person for the round trip.

Hiking from Ping'an Village to Zhongliu Village: Hike around 3 hours from Ping'an Village to Zhongliu Village through the Paddy Fields: Zhongliu gets few tourists and is not commercialized like other villages in Longsheng. This is because of its remoteness. The guide will introduce a Yao family to you. You'll get chance to try on their traditional clothes, see their extremely long hair, have lunch together with them in their house. If you wish, you can also experience the cooking process, including collecting fresh vegetables from the garden and cooking in a local farm kitchen. The farmers will be happy to share their life experience and customs with you. You're free to take photos, shoot videos as well as talk with the family. It is not possible to stay in Zhongliu, so you will hike back to Ping'an in the late afternoon.

Day 3: Longsheng to Guilin

Our guide and driver will escort you from Longsheng to Guilin, Gudong Scenic Areas

Gudong Scenic Areas: South of Daxu town of Lingchuan; 8km away from the road; 25km from Guilin. It is a national 3A scenery spot. The falls here are in different shapes with thick woods on two sides and the water is clear and sweet.The waterfall climbing areas is open to the tourist in Summer time from May to October,and provided with the protective equipment, it is a good place for experience adventure and excitement in Guilin.

Day 4: Guilin to Yangshuo
the li river cruise

Li River Cruise from Guilin to Yangshuo

Li River Cruise from Guilin to Yangshuo. (4 hours): A cruise along the Li River between Guilin and Yangshuo is an unforgettable experience. As you take in the stunning scenery, there's something interesting to see at almost every bend in the river. Between spectacular limestone peaks you'll see graceful bamboo groves, farmers tending rice paddies, and lumbering water buffaloes pulling carts or cooling off in the river. You may see fishermen gliding along on their narrow bamboo rafts, and if you're very lucky you might see one of the famous fishing cormorants. Boats depart from various wharves, according to the height of the river at different times of the year.The Li river cruise is by a medium size boat which can accommodate about 140 passengers.

Day 5: Yangshuo Countryside Cycling, Yangshuo Kayaking
Yangshuo Kayaking

Yangshuo Countryside Cycling: Experience the hustle & bustle of the Yangshuo traffic for 10 minutes before you escape onto the country roads, lanes and tracks of the distinctive and beautiful Yangshuo countryside. Biking alongside the paddy field and orchards that surround the famous mountains will give a fascinating insight into life in rural China. You will have a family visit on the half way. It is an opportunity to see a real country life and talk to the local farmers.

Yangshuo Kayaking: Kayaking is a popular activity in Yangshuo. The Karst landscape scenery in this area attracts thousands of adventurers because of its reputation. The trip starts from the ancient town Fuli, and yakers their way down the Li Rive to Puyi. You will enjoy the stunning scenery with different shape of peaks and bamboo forest. The whole trip is 20km long and will take about 3 hours. There is a minimum of two people required for the kayaking trip. The availability depends on the situation of the day. It can be hard to arrange if it rains or flood. you can stop in Liugong village where you can have lunch and take a short break. When you arrive in Puyi, you can take a local bus back to Yangshuo.
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Day 6: Yangshuo to Guilin to Departure City, Flight not included

Our guide and driver will escort you from Yangshuo to Guilin, Airport Transfer (Guilin)

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