Harbin Sights & Yabuli Ski Adventure

6 Days Harbin Ski Tour

Harbin Yabuli Ski tour map
Day 1: Arrive in Harbin, Flight not included

Airport Transfer (Harbin)

Day 2: The Central Street, Siberian Tiger Park, Sun Island Scenic Area, The Ice and Snow World

The Central Street (30 minutes): Originally built in 1898, Central Street is the most prosperous street in Harbin. This one-mile-long pedestrian street is also considered an architectural art gallery, with buildings of the most influential western architectural styles, such as Baroque and Byzantine, lining both sides. Central Street also provides a good opportunity for shopping and dining.

Siberian Tiger Park (1 hour): It is the largest breeding center in the world for Siberian tigers. Tourists take a bus with wire-mesh protection through the park to see at close quarters about 100 purebred Siberian tigers, who roam freely inside the park. There is also a cage area housing lions, pumas, leopards and ligers (result of a lion and a tiger breeding). Tourists can purchase meat or live poultry to feed the tigers.

Sun Island Scenic Area (1.5 hours): Sun Island Park is a major sight of Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival. In winter during the festival, the park becomes a wonderful snow world with many snow sculptures of various sizes created by Chinese and international artists. In summer the park is a big recreational center.

The Ice and Snow World (1.5 hours): Located on the north bank of the Songhua River, Ice and Snow World is a major attraction of Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival. Artists from around China, and around the world, gather together to create a galaxy of ice and snow sculptures, which look even more beautiful when lit up after dusk.

Day 3: Yabuli Ski Area

Upon arrival at Yabuli Ski area, you will be transferred to the hotel. After a while, you will be drived to the Yabuli Ski Resort and start to ski (your arrangements). If you want to have a rest, you can stay in the hotel. - Yabuli Ski Area: Yabuli Ski area is 194 km east of Harbin. Among those ten ski resorts in this area, Yabuli Ski Resort and Yabuli Sun Mountain are two of the largest ski resorts with best facility in China. The resort is not only famous as a ski resort in China but also renowned for its scenic beauty. - Yabuli Ski Resort: Yabuli Ski Resort is one of the best ski resorts in Yabuli. It hosted many professional competitions successfully, including the 3rd Winter Asian Games in 1996 and National University Winter Games in 2008. With good facility, Yabuli Ski Resort has advanced, intermediate runs and beginner runs that suit for different types of customers.

Day 4: One Day Ski (Your arrangemnts)

Today is a day for you to ski. Arrange your time and have fun in the ski resort. Lunch can be in your hotel by your own arrangement.

Here I am happy to list a general idea for prices:
2 hours skiing: ¥240(weekday)¥280(weekend)¥360(holidays)
Half day skiing:¥320(weekday)¥380(weekend)¥460(holidays)
Full day skiing:¥480(weekday)¥580(weekend)¥680(holidays)
2 hours ski course price for 2 persons:¥180(weekday)¥240(holidays)
2 hours ski course price for 5 persons:¥120(weekday)¥150(holidays)

1. The information of the ski fee is a reference. Please double check the up-to-date prices on arrival.
2. Prices may vary according to your travel time and are higher on weekend and holidays. Weekends are Friday to Sunday. Holidays are December 24-27, January 1-January 3 and February 2- February 8.
3. The resort prices above include a set of ski gear (skis, ski boots and ski poles) and lift fee. Children below 1.2 meters are half price.
4. China Highlights customers could get nearly 40% off on producing an ID card or room card.

Day 5: One Day Ski (Your arrangemnts)

Today is a day for you to ski. Arrange your time and have fun in the ski resort. Lunch can be in your hotel by your own arrangement.

Activities and equipment rental prices:
clothing: ¥80(half day)¥120(full day)
Goggles: ¥50(half day)¥80(full day)
Helmet: ¥50(half day)¥80(full day)
Cabin: ¥50(a time)
Sight seeing lift: ¥90(one way)
Snow dinghying: ¥50(30 minutes)
Ski motor car: ¥120(10 minutes)

Note: The information of the ski fee is a reference. We can find out up-to-date prices from the ski resort if you send an enquiry.

Day 6: Yabuli to Harbin to Departure City, Flight not included

Airport Transfer (Harbin)

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