6-Day Alshan Ski with Essence of Northern Inner Mongolia Tour

Suggested Itinerary
Day 1: Arrive in Hailer, Flight not included

Airport Transfer (Hailer)

Day 2: Hailaer National Forest Park, Hulunbeier Ice and Snow Folklore Garden

Hailaer National Forest Park: Hailar National Forest Park is located in Western Mountain of Hailar City, Hulunbuir Preface. Hailar National Forest Park with golden sands and green forest is like a green jade embedded on the North of China. You can appreciate the warbling of birds when it is quite and feel the sound of forests when the breeze comes.

Hulunbeier Ice and Snow Folklore Garden : Located in the Qiaotou Park, Hulunbeier Ice and Snow Folklore Garden is exhibit a lot of snow and ice art works which have layout the traditional culture and customs of local life.Here you can take part in all kinds of winter sports, including skiing, sledging and ice sailing.

Day 3: Ewenki Museum, Mt. Arxan Hot Spring Museum, Our guide and driver will escort you from Hailer to Alshan

Ewenki Museum: Ewenki Minority lives in northern Inner Mongolia, most in the grasslands surrounding Hailaer. You can glimpse the Ewenki culture and history in this modern museum. There are many exhibitions in the museum, including household artifacts, clothing and artwork.

Mt. Arxan Hot Spring Museum : Located in the Arxan City, the Arxan Hot Springs are distributed in the south north structure fault zone at the foot of the East Hill. There are 48 springs in Mt. Arxan. The water produces a noticeable effect on skin diseases and rheumatism. The museum covers an area of 8000 square miles. You will have a sense of being in touch with the nature this area. you have optiona of swimming in the hotsping by yourself.

Day 4: Alshan Ski Resort, Free Day

Alshan Ski Resort: Alshan Ski Resort is located in the small town of Alshan, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region (Inner Mongolia),which regards as China's second-best ski resort.Alshan Ski Resort, surrounded by evergreen forests, consists of two main sections: a competition section called the Western Hill area for professional skiers,and an Alpine section for non-professionals, the Eastern Hill area. Since only the latter is available to tourists, it will be profiled below (professionals have their own insider information sources concerning the particulars of the Western Hill section).Alshan Ski Resort is about more than just skiing, it is a venue for people to get together and have fun.

Free Day: you are adviced to take part in some ice activities on your own. The ice entertainment you could choose including snow motorcycles, snow biking, horse-sled, off-road vehicle and etc.

Day 5: Alshan to Manzhouli

Our guide and driver will escort you from Alshan to Manzhouli, The War of "Nuomenhan" Museum, Manzhouli City

The War of "Nuomenhan" Museum : The museum is built to memorize the war of "Nuomenhan". It is about a war between Japanese and Russia during the World War II.

Manzhouli City: Manzhouli is a sub-prefecture-level city located in Hulunbuir prefecture-level city, Inner Mongolia. You can see exotic sights as it is a boundary city sharing the border with Russia.

Day 6: Manzhouli to Hailer to Departure City, Flight not included

Our guide and driver will escort you from Manzhouli to Hailer, Hulun Lake, Airport Transfer (Hailer)

Hulun Lake: Attached to Manzhouli City, the Dalai Lake Biosphere Reserve is situated in the west of Hulunbuir Prairie. Dalai Lake is an ideal place for birds’ habitation and reproduction and it is an important passage for waterfowls’migration of Northeast Asia.

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