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Hong Kong Guilin Tours

Looking for Guilin tours from Hong Kong? We have selected some of the most popular tours to Guilin from Hong Kong, check out from the following categories. Alternatively, Tailor make a tour to meet your own needs.


Guilin & Yangshuo Memories Tour from Hong Kong (GL-4A)

4-Day  Hong Kong, Guilin and Yangshuo Tour

  • While you are here why not visit other places that so called paradise for travellers? We book you Round Way Flights between Hong Kong and Guilin and there are still more than US $300 saved in your pocket. Tour price is valid from September 15 to October 20, 2012. View Map

Classic Guilin Tour from Hong Kong (GL-7A)

4-Day  Hong Kong, Guilin, Longsheng and Yangshuo Tour

  • Fed up with the daily grind of living within the metropolis city limits? Take a 4 day break to the home of a number of China's ethnic minority group. We will comfort you with Round Way Flights with more than US $150 saved in your pocket. View Map

Essence of Guilin Tour from Hong Kong (GL-1A)

3-Day  Hong Kong and Guilin Tour

  • The scenery of Guilin has been called the finest under heaven. No residents in other parts of China could be so close to nature as in Guilin. During your Li river cruise, the beautiful landscape and country scenery will never disappoint you. (Include Hong Kong- Guilin round trip flight fare) View Map

Grand China Escapade (CHT-75A)

20-Day  Hong Kong, Guilin, Shanghai, Huangshan, Yichang, Yangtze, Chongqing, Xian and Beijing Tour

  • 20 Days give you time to soak up the culture and to explore many of China's treasures that can easily be missed. This circle takes you to the best, most beautiful, the oldest and the newest that China has to offer. View Map