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Hong Kong Luoyang Tours

Looking for Luoyang tours from Hong Kong? We have selected some of the most popular tours to Luoyang from Hong Kong, check out from the following categories. Alternatively, Tailor make a tour to meet your own needs.


Hong Kong and Luoyang Peony Cultural Festival Tour (LY-2)

4-Day  Hong Kong and Luoyang Tour

  • Luoyang Peony Cultural Festival is held from April 1st to May 10th in Luoyang every year. Many visitors come from home and abroad travel to Luoyang to join the festival and see an ocean of blooming peony flowers. View Map

Luoyang Side Tour (LY-3)

4-Day  Hong Kong, Zhengzhou and Luoyang Tour

  • Luoyang , once the capital of 13 dynasties, once the center of Chinese power and culture. It is now best used as a based to explore the Longmen Caves and Shaolin Temple. View Map