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Jinan and Qingdao Essence Tour

Suggested Itinerary
Day 1 Arrival in Taian from Beijing and the Mount Tai Tour
mount tai 

You will take a train from Beijing to Taian this morning. The train D31 departs Beijing South Railway Station at 11:05 and arrives in Taishan Railway Station at 14:28. Your private guide and driver will meet you at the station and pick you up, and then move to lunch and a short relaxation.

This afternoon you will discover Mount Tai, an attraction only about 5 kilometers north from central Taian. The 1545-meter high Mount Tai combines natural grandeur and profound historical interest. There you will see plenty of historical relics endowed by its important role in China’s mythology and history. Tens of emperors had been there for worshipping heaven and scarified the God of mountain for peace and prosperity.

You will take a cable car for up and down. Overnight is in a hotel on the top of Mount Tai.

Day 2 The Dai Temple Tour
dai temple 

The Dai Temple was first built in the Han Dynasty (B.C. 202—A.D. 220). It is a Taoism temple where emperors held worship ceremony in the past dynasties. The Dai Temple is the largest and most complete ancient architectural complex in Mount Tai. Consisting of more than 150 ancient buildings, the Dai Temple is one of the four ancient architectural complexes in China (other three are the Forbidden City, the Three Confucius Sites, and Chengdu Imperial Summer Resort). You can feel the grandeur of traditional Chinese architecture there and learn about Chinese Taoism. 

Day 3 The Three Confucius Sites Tour
confucius temple 

Today you will visit one of the most magnificent historical sites in China — the Three Confucius Sites in Qufu, a city used to be the capital of Kingdom Lu in the Zhou Dynasty (B.C. 770—B.C. 256). Qufu is the hometown of Confucius, which makes the city much more important in Chinese culture.  The Three Confucius Sites consists of the Confucius Temple, the Cemetery of Confucius, and the Kong Family Mansion. Walk in the ancient building to experience the profound Confucianism and traditional Chinese architectural art.

Day 4 The Daming Lake and Baotu Spring Park Tour
baotu spring park 

Today you will visit the representative attractions in Ji’nan — Daming Lake and Baotu Spring Park.

Daming Lake is a natural lake located in the north of Ji’nan urban area. There you will see elegant natural landscapes consisting of aquamarine lake, weeping willows, verdant lotus, and Mountains. The ancient pavilions, bridges, and buildings make the lake much quainter. 

Baotu Spring Park is neighbored Daming Lake. Baotu Spring, the best one among the famous 72 springs in Jinan, enjoys the reputation of "the first spring under the heaven". With clear and crystal spring pools and resplendent pavilions, the Baotu Spring Park is a place combining natural wonders and historical interests.

After discerning attractions in Ji’nan, you will take train D605 from Ji’nan to Qingdao. Your train journey takes about three hours from 13:29 to 16:26.

Day 5 The Laoshan Mountain and Taiqing Palace Tour
laoshan mountain qingdao 

Today you will discover the Laoshan Mountain and Taiqing Palace in Qingdao.

The Laoshan Mountain is the most beautiful and the most famous mountain on China’s coast. Take a walk around, with the sea on one side, and lofty stones and precipitous peaks on the other side, both majestic and elegant. 

The Laoshan Mountain is quite famous for its reputation in Taoism. At the height of power and splendor, there are more than 1,000 Taoist priests on the mountain. The Taiqing Palace is the largest and the most time-honored existing Taoist temple in Laoshan Mountain. There you will experience the Taoist culture and unlock the mysterious stories about the mountain.

Day 6 The Xiaoqingdao Isle, Zhanqiao Pier, and Eight Passes Tour

Your discovery in Qingdao will continue today, walking on the symbolization of Qingdao City — the Zhanqiao Pier, which is built in 1891 as a naval pier. Stretching 440 meters to connect with Qingdao Bay, it is an ideal place to enjoy the vast sea view. 

Located to the east of the Zhanqiao Pier, the violin-shaped Qiaoqingdao Isle allows you to feel the gentle sea breeze and appreciate the sea scenery from the various positions the walk offers. The white lighthouse on the isle is built by German army at the beginning of last century.

The Eight Passes is a famous resort area in Qingdao. There are many beautifully elegent buildings constructed in different styles, elements from more than 20 countries. There you can see many traces of eminent design and iconic people from the last century.

About two hours before boarding time, your guide and driver will accompany you to the airport and see you off on your homebound flight. We trust that you have enjoyed your time in past few days and we look forward to serving you again. Have a pleasant flight home.

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