Essence of Shandong Tour

Suggested Itinerary
Day 1: Beijing to Qingdao, Train No. D57 (Beijing South Railway Station - Qingdao Railway Station) Dep 11:25 - Arr 16:52

Train station Transfer (Qingdao)

Day 2: The Laoshan Mountain and Taiqing Palace Tour
laoshan mountain

- Laoshan Mountain (1.5 hours): Different from many famous mountains in China, Lao Mountain rises from the sea level, and has a coast line ofabout 90 kilometers, structuring a wonder on the sea. The main peak, named Large Peak or Peak Lao, is over 1100 meters high above sea level. Take a walk around, with the sea on one side, and lofty stones and precipitous peaks on the other side, both majestic and elegant.

- Taiqing Palace (40 minutes): As the birth place of Laozi, it has more than 140 rooms including Three Gods' Hall, Three Purities' Hall and Three Emperors' Hall. There are five Taiji Palace as the main buildings, a stone pillar with three cypresses around and many well preserved ancient articles.

Day 3: The Xiaoqingdao Isle, Zhanqiao Pier, and Eight Passes Tour

Qingdao to Jinan, Train No. D6020 (Qingdao Railway Station - Jinan East Railway Station) Dep 17:18 - Arr 19:44

- Xiaoqingdao Isle (40 minutes): Whose shape is like an ancient violin ,is also called "Vinlin Isle" , The isle in the east and Zhanqiao pier in the west face each other across the sea. Germany build the white lighthouse on the isle at the beginning of this century. Its light reflected on the sea makes quite a spectacle at night, so much so that it has become known as "Floating Light of the Isle".

- Zhanqiao Pier (30 minutes): Built in 1891 as a naval pier, now the Zhanqiao Pier is symbol of the Qingdao city. It is 440 meters long reaching into Qingdao Bay. At the southern end of it, there is a traditional 2-story pavilion. It is an ideal place to enjoy the sea view.

- Eight Passes (40 minutes): Located in the east of Qingdao City in Shandong Province. The several boulevards near the sea refers to Badaguan, here the shade of trees make you linger on, the famous Huaming Building , Princess Building and other villas are full of exoticism.

Day 4: The Mount Tai and Dai Temple Tour
dai temple

Our guide and driver will escort you from Jinan to Taian, Vehicle to the Top of the Mountain, Mount Tai Tourist Attraction, Cable Car(round trip), Dai Temple, Our guide and driver will escort you from Taian to Qufu

- Vehicle to the Top of the Mountain: It is a chanllenging climb up to the Tai Mountain.Here you have the option of taking the vehicle to the highest point or down to the foot in a few minutes instead of climbing more than 1,605 steps, while you can also have a bird view of the wall.

- Mount Tai Tourist Attraction: Mount Tai lies in the territory of Tai'an of Shandong province. Mount Tai is the first mountain of the Five most famous Mountains in China. The best time for touring around Mount Tai is April to November. If you want to enjoy the sunrise, the best time is autumn.

- Cable Car(round trip): Here you have the option of taking the Cable car to the peak, Nantianmen Scenic Spot, while you can have a bird view of the mountain or continue to head for Yuhuang Peak.

- Dai Temple: First built in Han Dynasty, it is the largest and most completed ancient building complex of Mount Taishan.Emperors of the past dynasties held celebrations in the temple to worship heaven and earth, and sacrificed to the God of the mountain.Besides, it was also the first stop for the pilgrims on their way to the Tai Mountain.

Day 5: The Confucius Temple, Confucian Mansion, and Confucian family Graveyard Tour
confucius temple

- Confucius Temple (1 hour): Among many preserved Confucian temples of different dynasties all over China, the Confucian Temple in Qufu is the largest and earliest one. It represents the culture and history of Confucianism. The Confucian Temple, Confucian Mansion and Confucian Woods are called Three Confucians, which are now one of the four extant great architectural complexes in China.

- Confucian Mansion (40 minutes): It is also called Yanshenggong Mansion, a large house consisting of 463 halls, rooms, towers and houses, covering an area of 13.3 hectares-the largest landlord manor in China's history. The courtyard is divided into three family temples. The main building in the center was first used as a government office then changed to dwelling house later. A typical feudal aristocrat manor.

- Confucian family graveyard (1 hour): It is the graveyard of the Confucian family and has a history of more than 2340 years. There are about ten thousand tombs inside the graveyard .Also many stone steles, lanes and pavilions can be found here. The tomb passage is 1266 meters long with dense forest on both sides which were planted in Song and Yuan Dynasties.

Our guide and driver will escort you from Qufu to Jinan.

Day 6: The Daming Lake and Baotu Spring Park Tour
baotu spring park

- Daming Lake (1.3 hours): Daming Lake is located at No.217 Minghu Rd., downtown of northern part of Jinan City. With weeping willows, scattered flowers and trees all over the banks, Daming Lake has been full of lotuses ever since ancient times. The beauty of the lake is best manifested in the following verse, "With four sides of lotus with three willows, the lake landscape represents half beauty of the city".

- Baotu Spring Park (40 minutes): Baotu Spring Park is located at the middle part of Luoyuan Rd.and S.Baotu R., the downtown of Jinan City.Baotu Spring, the best one among the famous 72 springs in Jinan enjoys the reputation of" the first spring under the heaven". With clear and crystal spring pools and resplendent and magnificent pavilions, the Baotu Spring Park is an earthly fairyland which makes tourists hardly tear themselves away.

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