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Thailand is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Asia and it boasts of many Buddhist temples, a rich culture and amazing beaches. Our Thai culture and history trip typically start in Bangkok. A visit to the Royal Grand Palace in Bangkok always impresses visitors with all its golden buildings, guards and Buddha statues. Chiang Mai, located in Northern Thailand, is the most culturally significant city and is a must for Thai culture lovers. Besides, there are many other places like Koh Samui, Pattaya and Phuket which ranks as the most loved beaches by tourists. Go to Thailand, and let us help you get the most from your holiday.
Chiang Mai Experience
Chiang Mai Experience 4-Day Chiang Mai Tour
Chiang Mai is a place where the past and the present seamlessly merge with venerable temples and colorful hill tribes. It is also a delight for adventurers with colorful activities: Thai massage, lively nightlife, wonderful Thai cuisine, etc. Chiang Mai truly has it all waiting for you to explore.
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Pattaya Stopover
Pattaya Stopover 3-Day Pattaya Tour
Pattaya is a premier beach destination in Asia and attracts visitors from all over the world. Coral Island, also named Koh Hae, is a beautiful getaway place located west of Pattaya. There are various kinds of activities: swimming, snorkeling, sun bathing and wondering around the flour-like sandy beach. You can also go to see the coral by glass bottom boat. Go and explore this vibrant coastal city.
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Bangkok Experience
Bangkok Experience 4-Day Bangkok Tour
Bangkok is as intoxicating as it is diverse; a melting pot of many dazzling Buddha temples, interesting sights and authentic local culture.Our Bangkok trip features some of the highlights and traditional must-see attractions including Wat Arun, Wat Traimit, Wat Pho and the Royal Grand Palace.
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Phuket Phi Phi Island Tour
Phuket Phi Phi Island Tour 3-Day Phuket Tour
Phi Phi Island is Thailand's island-superstar, popularized when parts of the movie "The Beach" were filmed there. Free of human inhabitants on Phi Phi Leh and without roads on Phi Phi Don, no hustle and bustle, ease your pace to have fun on this lovely island.
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North of Thailand Bangkok - Chiang Mai
North of Thailand Bangkok - Chiang Mai 5-Day Bangkok and Chiang Mai Tour
5 Days to visit two wonderful places in Thailand: Bangkok and Chiang Mai. Come and find your niche among dazzling temples, misty mountains, colorful hill tribes, and the many things in between.
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Wonderful Thailand Bangkok - Phuket
Wonderful Thailand Bangkok - Phuket 5-Day Bangkok and Phuket Tour
This trip provides an unbeatable combination of venerable temples in Bangkok, warm blue sea and stunning sunsets in Phuket. Swimming with crystal clear water,snorkeling in the plentiful coral reefs, feeding colorful fishes, sunbathing at silky soft white beach, come and relax on this great island.
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Paradise Thailand Bangkok - Koh Samui
Paradise Thailand Bangkok - Koh Samui 5-Day Bangkok and Koh Samui Tour
From the majestic royal temples in Bangkok to the wave-lapped white sand beaches of Koh Samui, Thailand radiates beauty. It has so much to offer from the bustle of Bangkok to its wonderful marine parks.
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Splendid China & Fantastic Circle of Thailand
Splendid China & Fantastic Circle of Thailand 18-Day Beijing, Kunming, Dali, Lijiang, Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Phuket Tour
Thailand is one of the most fascinating holiday destinations of South East Asia. Endowed with dazzling ancient temples in Bangkok, colorful hill tribes in Chiang Mai, romantic beaches in Koh Samui, it blends recreation, entertainment and leisure to make Thailand an enjoyable and ideal place for holiday. Extend your China Tour from the Forbidden City in Beijing and Jade Dragon Mountain in Lijiang to Thailand, this 18 days trip will be sure one of the memorable tours you ever take.
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