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3-Day Yellow Mountains and Hongcun Tour (HS-1)

3-Day Huangshan Tour

  • Huang Shan or Yellow Mountain is known for its "four wonders" imposing peaks, spectacular rocks, odd-shaped pines, and a sea of clouds but you will find much more to see and explore. Get back to nature at Huang Shan.
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4-day Yellow Mountains Trekking Tour (HS-7)

4-Day Huangshan Tour

  • Yellow Mountain is one of the most beautiful and mystical places in China. A Hiking tour will help to truly appreciate the beauty and grandeur of this place which holds a special place in Chinese culture. A walk of about 14km per day (7 hrs) is required for the trip. Hike down to the canyon and along the tracks that get fewer visitors and see the breathtaking scenery.
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Huangshan Photography Tour (SH-35)

5-Day Huangshan Tour

  • Photograph the sunrise, sunset, the sea of clouds, the peculiar-shaped rocks, and the elegant pine trees on China’s most beautiful mountains — the Yellow Mountains. Discover and record how authentic ancient China used to be hundreds of years ago.
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