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Essence of Shangdong Tour

Suggested Itinerary
Day 1: Ji’nan Arrival
baotu spring park

Upon your arrival time your private guide will meet you and pick you up outside the luggage claim area. And then transfer you to your hotel for check-in. 

Today you will discover two attractions in Ji’nan: the Daming Lake and the Baotu Spring Park. 

In the Daming Lake you will have a deep breath of the fresh air and appreciate the picturesque landscape consisting of clean lake, towering mountains, and elegant pavilions. Explore the interesting story of the lake — fogs in the lake cannot croak. 

Stroll in the Baotu Spring Park to enjoy the active springs. The artificial landscapes inside the garden and the places of historical interests make the park more outstanding and a wonderful place to take a relaxing walk.

Day 2: The Mount Tai Tour

You will be driven to Taian to discover one of the cradles of Chinese civilization — Mount Tai, the embodiment of Pan Gu’s head (the creator of the universe in Chinese mythology) after his death. The Mount Tai is the venue of worship ceremony of 99 emperors when they began their reign, which has endowed the mountain with numerous historical sites. The Dai Temple is the most magnificent and the best-preserved one.

Day 3: The Three Confucius Sites Tour
confucius temple

Extend your tour to Qufu, the hometown of Confucius.

Explore Confucianism in the Kong Family Mansion, where there are numerous traditional Chinese buildings. Every construction in the mansion has its implied meaning, reflecting the profound Confucianism.

Visit the Confucius Temple to feel the stateliness of Chinese-styled palace. It plays an important role in world’s architectural history.

The Cemetery of Confucius is a graveyard of Confucius and his descendants. More than 2,400 years passed, and there are more than 100,000 tombs in the graveyard. There are more than 4,000 stone tablets, some which are inscribed by famous calligraphers in the Ming and Qing dynasties.

Day 4: The Ancient Qi City Relic Museum and the Funerary Horses Museum Tour

You will extend your tour to Weifang, the hometown of traditional Chinese kite making. Today is packed:

The Ancient Qi City Relics Museum: Together with modern means, the over 300 precious historical relics from the Qi State (a vassal state existed 2,300 years ago). There you will unfold the splendid culture of the kingdom during its development of over 800 years.

The Funerary Horses Museum: The graveyard of the 25th monarch of Qi State in the Spring and Autumn Period (770 A.D.—476 A.D.). There you will explore the burial culture in that time. Hundreds of strong war horses were buried alive with the monarch. You still can feel the grandeur when seeing the skeletons of the horses. 

Day 5: The Weifang Kite Museum and Shiwu Garden Tour

Continue your Weifang discovery today, visiting:

Weifang Kite Museum: Explore the development of kite in the world. There are 12 exhibition halls exhibiting more than one thousand kites made with different styles from several countries.

Shiwu Garden: A meticulously designed garden with flowers and grass, artificial hills, pools, and elegant classic Chinese buildings. It is the official residence of an important minister in Ming Dynasty (1368—1644).

Weifang Yangjia Bu Folklore View Garden: Explore the rich kites and traditional Chinese New Year paintings in the exhibition halls there and discover the folk custom and lifestyle of local people. 

You will be transferred to Qingdao after the Weifang discovery.

Day 6: The Laoshan Mountian and Taiqing Palace Tour
laoshan mountain

Start your Qingdao discovery today with a visit of China’s most famous mountain by sea — the Laoshan Mountain.

The Laoshan Mountain is a original place of Taoism. The Taiqing Palace in the mountain will let you learn about the Taoism and explore the buildings built in the layout reflecting the Taoism culture. If the weather allows, you might see the mirage phenomenon from the palace. 

The picturesque landscapes consisting of peculiar-shaped rocks, verdant trees, clean water, and blue skies. The seas of cloud and the bird’s eye view of the sea are quite outstanding.

Day 7: The Tsingtao Beer Museum and the Zhanqiao Pier Tour

You will continue your Qingdao discovery today. 

Discover the Tsingtao brand beers and the brew techniques in Tsqingtao Beer Museum. You can also relish the beer in the bar inside the museum.

Have a walk on the symbolization of Qingdao City — the Zhanqiao Pier. Stretching 400 meters into the sea, the pier offers great views of the vast seascapes.

Strolling on the famous resort area in Qingdao — the Eight Passes, you will appreciate many elegant buildings constructed with different style in more than 20 countries.

Your guide would have called to confirm your homebound trip. You will be driven to the airport on time. Have a nice homebound trip!

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